VATRA: New Meat Restaurant in Kyiv

VATRA: New Meat Restaurant in Kyiv

Local Ukrainian meat specialties are now available in VATRA restaurant that became part of Dmytro Borysov’s gastrofamily. The Hutsul steak house has recently opened in the very downtown of Kyiv.

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VATRA interior design takes you away to Carpathian myths and legends, combining folk beliefs with modern mystics. “The Twin Peaks” is one of the esthetic motives of VATRA. The well-remembered red curtain and mysterious steam-punk masks (created by Bob Basset art studio) remind of the famous red room, inhabited with fantastic creatures from Hutsul fairy tales. The interesting thing about the interior is that the place is nothing like a traditional Ukrainian restaurant but much more modern and stylish.
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The restaurant space consists of the dining hall and the bar. Both are dimly lit and cozy. Wooden tables and sofas add the comforting atmosphere. There is also a very small room with only two tables, where you can dine in private. Those, who appreciate a secluded place to have a meal, can as well sit at the terrace close to the fountain.
The basic product that VATRA deals with is definitely meat. It is grilled, steamed, boiled, smoked and dried out here. The gastronomic concept includes combining traditional and up-to-date culinary technics, working with local food and Ukrainian meat specialties. Seasoned (up to 40 days) Ukrainian beef, legendary mangalitsa and shovdar are among the many. You should definitely taste the mangalitsa ribs. The duck leg, beef brisket and turkey thigh are also especially good. Vatra steak is a pride of the restaurant. It is a variation of a famous porterhouse steak, served as the steak itself and the tartar.
It is important that VATRA practices ecological and humane approach to meat. Carcass of the animal is used totally – from head to the tail. This kind of approach is not only ethic, but also leads to intriguing gastronomic experiments. Foodies will enjoy the fried brains, lamb kidney sandwich, dishes of oxtails, midriff, tongues and other unusual products.
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The bar menu was designed by Artem Lebedev and Alex Kratena. It contains a wide range of fine wines, traditional and experimental cocktails.
Address: 4b, Horodetskogo st. Kyiv, close to Maidan.

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