Kyiv Falafel Interactive Map

Kyiv Falafel Interactive Map

Photo: depositphotos.comIn case you are vegan or just a falafel fan, «Destinations» got a good news for you. Now you can check out for places to buy this popular vegan dish in Kyiv on an interactive map.

An interactive map has appeared not so long ago, however it became an instant hit among local vegans and healthy food fans. Dan Voronov, who stands behind Falafel map of Kyiv, explained that the idea of his creation came somehow naturally. Dan is a vegan himself, so every time he felt like grabbing a bite it turned into a real quest for him. Some places selling falafel in Kyiv are located in rather remote neighborhoods and even after you spend 30 to 40 minutes to get there, it turns out that the place is closed on Mondays or doesn’t work after 8 PM, says Dan. Dan’s interactive map shows not only the places where you can buy falafel in Kyiv, but also contains useful info on working hours and a reviews section.
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falafel map

Photo: Interactive Falafel Map printscreen
The interactive map of places where you can eat falafel in Kyiv is very user-friendly. Here you can share your thoughts on every falafel place on the map, put new falafel spots on the map after you have discovered them as well as decide on your next dinner location based on reviews of other falafel fans.


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Being vegan in Kyiv is quite challenging. The new interactive falafel map of Kyiv makes this experience easier and more fun. Check it out and plan your next falafel quest.

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