7 advantages of BodyArt Fitness

7 advantages of BodyArt Fitness

Healthy lifestyle is a guaranty of high energy and beauty. it is possible to choose one of many modern fitness clubs with highly qualified personnel in Kyiv. The BodyArt Fitness is one of them; it is located in the downtown of the city.

Everyone has his/her own reasons for workout. Someone wants to be in shape, someone needs to feel physical power and to be attractive but for some people sports means an interesting experiment with the aim to understand the real potential of his/her body, to improve its best characteristics, such as strength, stamina, flexibility, ability for everyday progress. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it in BodyArt Fitness Club. The club offers newfangled group workouts, the best equipment and special programs that guarantee you a perfect result.

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1. 40 different group trainings
If you prefer to work out in groups BodyArt Fitness will offer you a collection of such programs. There are more than 40 types of them, so it is possible to try something new or to visit your favorite. For example, Yoga, Pilates or Callanetics can be selected for training on Monday to begin a new work-week calmly. Aerobic classes are ideal for the middle of the week; they will help you to scale new heights. Dance classes are perfect for relaxing Friday.

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Jumping is fashionable modern group training that involves all muscles of the body. Classes are conducted on a special trampoline for different exercises. This training allows you to lose up to 600 calories in 55 minutes and is suitable for those who have problems with the spine and the joints.

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If you have a goal to lose weight in a short time you should try TRX. Sky Yoga is also a productive exercise but less intensive. Training is carried out in special hanging hammocks.

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2. Different levels of training
There are different levels of training in BodyArt Fitness Club: for the beginners and for the advanced users. You will be able to practice any training within the chosen level. One more plus is that properly made training schedule helps to avoid the crowds of people at the club and, as such, you do not have to stand in line for a treadmill.

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3. Coaching Staff
Professional coaches are great advantage of BodyArt Fitness. They have University degrees; the majority of them are recreation therapists and sportsmen. Before you start training you will get fitness certification; its results will be included into your special program with all the limitations and physical capabilities.

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4. Training in the postpartum period
BodyArt Fitness also offers training programs for newly mothers. Such workouts take place under the supervision of the experienced coaches. The woman can safely take care of her body to get in shape as soon as it is physically possible.

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5. Relaxation and beauty
After productive work you can go to sauna or may visit beauty salon to enjoy relaxing massage, body wraps and other cosmetic procedures. One more important thing is the nutrition while active workouts. Serebro (Silver) restaurant which is located closely to the fitness club offers variety of healthy and tasty low-caloric dishes; delivery to the club is available.

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6. Interior design
Architectural and interior design of BodyArt Fitness will help you to enjoy your training. You will find bright graffiti on the walls, stylish and comfortable locker rooms and dim lights in the gym that stimulate productive training process.

7. Convenient location
BodyArt Fitness is located at 3 Mechnikov Street close to Klovskaya metro station and Gulliver Mall. The club has private parking and car wash.
Enjoy your training!
Contacts: +38 063 233 37 47, http://bodyartfitness.com.ua/


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