Affordable Sporting Goods in Kyiv

Affordable Sporting Goods in Kyiv

Going in for sports is one of the best ways to ensure longevity and strong health. Depending on the sport you choose, It might often require buying various equipment, which can be quite costly. To make your hobby reasonably priced, we have picked top-5 shops with affordable sporting goods in Kyiv.

Do you know that Sportmaster is among top retailers in the world? Moreover, it’s a number one choice store for affordable sporting goods in Kyiv. Its popularity can be easily explained by several factors: widest range of brands and goods, affordable prices and discount system for regular clients. Sportmaster shops are where you can prepare, for instance, for skiing season from scratch: starting from the costume and goggles way to the choice of skis right for your height and age. Of course, the shop’s staff is always ready to help, as it is often an intricate deal. If you are looking for brands like Nordway, Columbia, Nike, Salomon, Fila, Kappa, O’Neill, Speedo, Wilson and many more, this is your place to stop by. You can purchase Sportmaster’s club card, which gives various bonuses for each purpose, special offers and discounts. Ask for more details at the store!
Address: 28, Lesi Ukrainky boulevard; 3, Peremohy square, «Ukraina» shopping center; 14A, Mykoly Bazhana prospekt; 1B, Obolonskyi prospekt; 176, Antonovycha street, «Ocean Plaza» shopping center; 4, Lavrukhina street, «RaiON» shopping center
Delta Sport
SportwearKiev 2

Firstly opened way back in 1999, they have since become one of the most popular sporting outlets in Ukraine. Each of the 18 shops, scattered on the territory of Ukraine, is distinguished by its magnificent design, as well as a large assortment of the offered goods. Delta Sport operates according to the highest standards of customer service and fully complies with international standards and evaluation criteria. If you are at a loss when choosing sporting goods for yourself or someone else, ask the consultants for help - they will assist you, while describing every product that catches your eye in full details. Here you will find such brands as Nike, Converse, Jordan, and Helly Hansen.
Address: 20B, Stepana Bandery prospekt, «Plazma» shopping center; 3, Mykoly Bazhana prospekt
«Plazma» Shopping Center
Known among locals as a place for buying affordable sporting goods in Kyiv, Plazma is literally an outlet shopping center. Located near Petrivka metro station, this several store center gathered discount shops of many brands that need no introduction: Nike, Puma, Adidas and Reebok, New Balance. Each of the shops has a team of consultants that will help you find the needed equipment or sportswear, available in all sizes and in great variety. Along with goods on sale, you will find latest collections here as well. Plazma is the best place to buy in bulk in, so choose wisely! Address: 20B, Stepana Bandery prospekt, Petrivka metro station
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SportwearKiev 1

One more large store of sporting goods, and one more popular pick among locals. It is especially popular among those adoring hiking, selling not only various clothes like parkas, windbreakers, thermal underwear, goggles and extra-warm hats, but also whole tourist sets and backpacks of different volume, depending on the length and purpose of trip. Here you will be greeted with a wide range of choice by such brands as Cat, Northland, Jack Wolfskin, Blizzard, Arena, Lumberjack, O’Neill, Speedo, Columbia, Lumberjack, Dunlop and Kappa. The list isn’t full — those are just the most popular picks among Marathon’s customers. You can look up the deals on sale in their online shop, or purchase later if you’re short on money at the store. Address: 38, Khreshchatyk street, TSUM shopping center; 1A, Sportyvna street, «Gulliver» shopping center; 16B, Stepana Bandery prospekt, «Macros» shopping center; 20B, Stepana Bandery prospekt, «Plazma» shopping center; 2T, Henerala Vatutina prospekt, «Skymall» shopping center; 3A, Mykhaila Hryshka street Lotto
Lotto is a worldwide known brand from Italy, whose technology and continuous modernization allows it to produce and sell affordable sporting goods in Kyiv. Here you will find clothing, footwear and sports accessories, the quality of which has been spotless for decades. It is rightfully considered a giant among the manufacturers of sportswear and footwear, having catered for professional football teams. These factors are the reason for the high demand for this brand. Moreover, Lotto is a partner of such sports associations as the Women's Tennis Association and the Tennis Players Association. Without doubts, the quality of products is making them worth purchasing — and for a reasonable price. Lotto has women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing, as well as continuous sales.
Address: 16B, Stepana Bandery prospekt, «Macros» shopping center
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