Antistress Spa Hotels in Ukraine

Antistress Spa Hotels in Ukraine

Sometimes, no matter the reason, it is simply necessary to unwind and take some time for yourself. While lying on the couch and eating take-out may sound as the best way to relax, it may not be what our body needs. Part of the reason massages and spa treatments are so popular is that they are not only pleasant, but also have a positive long-term effect on health. Destinations picked the best spa hotels in Ukraine for an antistress journey.

Mirotel Resort & Spa

The modern five-star recreational complex Mirotel is located in one of the most well-known resorts in Ukraine — Truskavets. The city's mineral water lures in more than 200 thousand tourists a year, and Mirotel has a convenient access: a pump-room with 5 types of mineral water, depending on needs and preferences of visitors. Spa treatments at Mirotel are divided into several categories. For instance, Spa services include cosmetology procedures to renew body and face, various types of massages, including Thai massage and Indian practice of Ayurveda. All of them are aimed at restoring proper work of nervous system and organs, as well as help to get rid of negative energy. Besides, the hotel offers 4 types of saunas: infrared, Russian, Roman and Finnish.
Address: 1, Maidan Kobzaria, Truskavets', Lviv Oblast
Ungvarskyi etno-wellness hotel
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A hotel with a hundred-year history, Ungvarskiy is located in Zakarpattia, which is known for its traditional spa services — hot jar spa, dubbed as «kupil» here. A perfect temperature and heat fluctuation enhances the beneficial effects of mineral waters, letting the muscles relax fully. The separate kupil complex is located at the depth of 6 meters underground. Ungvarskyi offers several therapeutic programs, based on traditional medicine and modern physiotherapy. For instance, visitors can enjoy Antistress program — a 14 day course which includes hydrotherapy, CO2 therapy (dry carbon dioxide bath), anti-stress massage with aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Some programs are aimed, apart from other things, at fixing the spine, losing weight and detox.
Address: 29, Elektrozavodska street, Uzhhorod, Transcarpathia
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Taurus Hotel & Spa
Located in a quiet district right in the heart of Lviv, this hotel not only offers various spa treatments, but also invites to explore the neighboring sightseeing spots, like the National Opera and Ballet Theatre, which lies in mere minutes of walking distance. Taurus has two classic types of sauna, Roman and Finnish, to fully enjoy relaxation of body and soul. For those who want to enjoy bubbles, Jacuzzi is available as well. The pool at Taurus is equipped with counter flow and artificial waterfall, which is often used for massaging shoulders. As for spa treatments at the Lviv's facility, various types of massages, to name but a few, are offered here: regenerating, relaxing, aroma oil, honey and anticellulite massage. The hotel has a special "Wellness" package for those who want to enjoy the full program of revitalization — moreover, it includes a complementary pearl bath or a vortex bath up to the guest's choice.
Address: 5, Kniazia Sviatoslava Square, Lviv
Platium Spa & Resort
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In some 25 kilometers away from Kyiv lies Platium hotel, which boasts with clean air, abundance of green nature and professional spa treatment. The hotel certainly takes health and relaxation procedures on the new level: local specialists developed several programs depending on the visitor's needs. Thus, Platium offers anticellulite, antiage, detox programs, as well as a program for men. The key aspect of any program is a consultation and further examination of the doctor, who makes sure the program is suitable for each guest. To give an idea, some treatements include body wrap with algae and blue clay, underwater massages, and a carbon dioxide bath. Besides, Platium has a Turkish bath, or hamam, and Russian sauna for those who miss the hot relaxation.
Address: 475, Solovianenka street, Kozyn, Kyiv region 
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Nemo Resort & Spa
'Resort and Spa with Dolphins' — that's the full name of the hotel, located on the Black Sea shore in Odesa. Indeed, dolphins can be observed here, and not only: apart from dolphin shows, Nemo offers to swim or scuba-dive with these smart creatures. Spa treatment here is represented by a steam bath complex, beauty center with wellness procedures and a beauty salon. Due to its location, the hotel itself is a great place for relaxation and letting lungs breathe the clean sea air. Now, let's look at the special programs, or Spa-tours, that are offered to visitors: Relax, Slim Fast, and Detox are a custom set of procedures that ensure the best long-lasting effect due to the combination of various treatments, like massages, hydrotherapy, and swimming with dolphins.
Address: 25, Langeron beach, Odesa
Superior Golf & Spa Resort
Ukraine's only golf resort, which conveniently offers spa treatment, is located in a 15-minute drive from Kharkiv's downtown. Superior hotel is suitable for those who want to combine calm relaxation and active leisure. Here, visitors can take yoga and stretching classes, play tennis on one of the six courts, enjoy water aerobics as well as aqua-fitness, sweat the full work-outs in gym, and, of course, take up golf classes. As for the spa treatment, massages with body wraps, hydrotherapy and bathing procedures ensure restoring peace of mind and giving new strength to the body.
Address: 1A, Academika Kurchatova avenue, Kharkiv
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Deep-seated stress can rarely vanish in a day of lying on the couch and doing nothing, that's why it's so important — and pleasant — to take off time for your physical and mental health.
Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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