Bathhouses in Kyiv Worth Visiting

Bathhouses in Kyiv Worth Visiting

Winter is coming! So does the desire to keep warm, as well as the need to take extra care of health. There is a place you can do both with great pleasure - a bathhouse. Popular among Ukrainians, bathhouses have long been a place to spend pastime. Find out where you can chill and enjoy the warmth.

Rakuena Spa Club
The spa club is equipped with a traditional Turkish bath called «hamam». Ever since Victorian era, it has been a well-spread method of relaxation. The comfortable temperature of 38-40 degrees C ensures the deep cleansing and detox. A classical visit to hamam consists of various parts: the steaming, application of black Moroccan soap for cleansing the layer of dead skin cells, peeling, contrast watering, Moroccan clay glazing, treating with Eastern sweets and herbal tea, and finally a massage in a spa room. The relaxing and uplifting procedure is performed by specialists with a medical degree and completed training for hamam. On Tuesday, Rakuena offers a 20% discount on all spa programs.
Address: 20, Ivana Kudri
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Thai Day
thai day

Located in 5 minutes away from the Khreshchatyk metro station, Thai Day offers two types of sauna: the Moroccan hamam and Finnish sauna. Here you can enjoy the ambience of relaxation with deliberately chosen fragrance, take the contrast watering procedure, and discover traditions of Finnish sauna - like gently beating oneself with a bunch of leafy, fragrant silver birch called a vihta. The latter helps to relax the muscles and soothe the irritation. Thai massages performed by specialists from Thailand with a broad experience is a speciality of the place. Thai Day’s premises are conveniently equipped with Wi-Fi and a TV for the maximum comfort of the guests.
Address: 10А, Lyuteranska street
Sofievskiy Posad
sofievsky posad

A luxurious choice of 5 sauna complexes, each with unique thematic interior design («Imperial», «Bali», «Venice», «Azure» and «Egyptian»), Sofievskiy Posad is located away from the bustling city vibes in Sofievska Borschagivka. You can choose the type of saunas from hamam, Finnish and infrared. The latter uses infrared heaters emitting light that is to be absorbed by the skin. which is often claimed to be beneficial for arthritis and spondylitis. The pools have different water emission systems - backflow for more relaxed leisure and geiser. Besides, lounge zones with cable TV, karaoke, rest room, hairdryers and safes for personal belongings are available to all customers in each complex. You can make a reservation on the English version of Sofievskiy Posad website.
Address: 81/2, Kyivs`ka street, Sofievska Borschagivka
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Photo sources: Rakuena Spa Club, Thai Day, Sofievskiy Posad facebook pages and sites, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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