Best Massage Studios for Pregnant Women in Kiev

Best Massage Studios for Pregnant Women in Kiev

Different salons and massage studios in Kiev offer prenatal massage for pregnant women using their own technics. But most of the specialists work with lumbar area and legs. Massage in each period of pregnancy has its own nuances.

Experts warn that in early pregnancy (first trimester) it is forbidden to act on the abdomen and lower back as it can stimulate premature labor. "We do massage the buttock for women who will soon give birth. This helps to prepare their bodies for the birth process ", - says the specialist of one Kiev studio.
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The main difference between massage for pregnant women and other types of massage is the exclusive use of soft techniques to relax the body. Everything is done with much care using light strokes and taps with fingertips. Kneading is strictly prohibited. Typically, the specialist starts to massage the back, moving to the lower back and hips. Particular attention is paid to the neck area because the greatest stress is accumulated there. Some salons offer post-natal massage which restores skin elasticity.
The expectant mother should lie on her side while massage. The best massage studios for pregnant women in Kiev have special couch with holes for the abdomen and chest for maximum comfort. During massage sessions only basic lotions with no flavors and no aromatic oils are used to avoid any chance of allergies.
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The professionals of perinatal massage warn that you can’t do prenatal massage by your own initiative without doctor’s recommendations. It can lead to disastrous consequences. At home you can make a little rubbing and stroking of the neck and collar area of the pregnant woman.
Massage Studios for Pregnant Women in Kiev:
Zhemchuzhina studio (Pearl), price UAH 415, duration 45 min, phone +38 044 258 43 82
Vanilla Sky salon,, phone +38044 331 86 50
Favori salon,, phone +38044 332 90 33
Atlanta medical center,, phone +38044 572 00 60
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