Best Tennis Schools in Lviv

Best Tennis Schools in Lviv

Lviv offers many sport complexes where visitors can learn how to play tennis. There are plenty of tennis courts—including professional, recreational and amateur grounds with various surfaces as well as experienced and skilled coaches to run you through tennis theory and techniques. «Destinations» rounded up the best tennis schools in Lviv.

Sport Complex Ukraine (also known as Spartak) is the oldest tennis club in the city. Spartak has a long history of international tennis championships since early 50’s. Their kids’ tennis academy accepts aspiring pros between the ages of six and 15. There are 6 outdoor clay courts available for practices. Spartak tennis courts are among the most popular in Lviv as they are centrally located and offer comfortable parking, so make sure to book your time at the club a few days in advance.
Address: 18, Melnyka street, Lviv.
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Dynamo Sport Complex
Dynamo sport complex is the biggest sport complex in the city. It offers indoor and outdoor pools, outdoor stadiums and athletic training facilities as well as indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Dynamo school offers services of professional and skilled coaches. Tennis school in Dymano is one of the best known in the city. Besides its courts, the club is mainly known for its children’s tennis school. Since this is a state-owned facility, these services are officially free, but one should expect to individually negotiate a price with the instructor.
Address: 59, Zelena street, Lviv.

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Euro Sport Tennis Club
Euro Sport Tennis Club offers 4 outdoor clay courts and 3 indoor courts with artificial surface. Euro Sport tennis club hosts international and national tennis competitions and houses a strong tennis school for children. Adults can book individual and group training with professional couches.
Address: 1, Petrushevych street, Lviv.

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Lviv is a big city, and has many sport complexes which offer services of tennis school. Almost every district of the city has at least one court worthwhile using and learn how to play tennis.

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