Bicycle Routes Near Kyiv

Bicycle Routes Near Kyiv

Many Kyiv dwellers as well as visitors of the city, who love sports and prefer healthy lifestyle, are interested in spending a weekend riding a bicycle. Kyiv suburbs are full of picturesque places such as parks and forests, which are definitely good for a pleasant bicycle ride. Let us consider the best bicycle routes near Kyiv.

Pushcha Vodytsa

A bicycle ride in beautiful Kyiv suburb Puscha Vodytsa is one of the best ways to reduce stress after a whole week in the noisy city and to feel fresh and full of energy again. Pushcha Vodytsa park includes a lot of wonderful lakes with comfortable beaches, mysterious deep forests with many narrow paths, which are good for bike riding. Pushcha forest is also a nice place to search for mushrooms and berries. The specialty of Pushcha Vodytsa is the tram №12, which goes right through the forest, creating a really unique view. Experienced bike riders offer to avoid riding in Puscha Vodytsa after the rain, because movement along the roads can become difficult because of wet sand. Everyone interested can reach Puscha Vodytsa by tram №12, which goes from Kontraktova square. A bike can be rented on “14th line” tram station at the address 80, Krasnoflotska street.
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Feofaniya park

Feofaniya is one of the oldest parks of the southern Kyiv and undoubtedly one of the nicest places for a cycling day. It embraces 150 hectares. This park is extremely large, so if you want to gain a comprehensive view of Feofaniya, a bicycle ride will be a really good alternative to walking. The guests can admire the natural beauty of forest as well as human-created fascinating park landscape and magnificent St. Panteleimon's Cathedral. Feofaniya park impresses with its vivid views, lakes, fountains and alcoves, where cyclists can take a rest after a long ride. Guests can enjoy all attractions of Feofaniya park after paying UAH 20 entrance fee. Feofaniya territory does not have its own bicycle rent point. The closest rental points are located in National Exhibition Center of Ukraine (1, Akademika Glushkova avenue) and in Pirogovo museum (1, Krasoznamennaya street).
Address: 32, Akademika Lebedeva street
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Mezhyhirya Residence

Mezhyhirya was the residence of Viktor Yanukovych, the ex-President of Ukraine. After overthrow of his power in 2014, this luxurious residence turned into the Museum of Corruption, displaying posh lifestyle of the ex-President and his family. Nowadays it is one of the most beautiful parks of Ukraine. It includes beautiful buildings, fountains, landscape garden and even a small zoo. The territory of Mezhyhirya is so big, that it is hard to explore it by foot even during 4-5 hours. A bicycle ride will be a better choice. Riding a bicycle, you can view all Mezhyhirya territory in 1-2 hours, allowing yourself stoppings for a short rest. The bike rent point is located right at the Mezhyhirya entrance. Mezhyhirya residence is located in Novy Petrovscy village not far from Kyiv. Visitors can reach it by car, riding in Vyshgorod town direction, or by buses going from Heroiv Dnipra subway station.
Address: 19, Ivana Franka street, Novy Petrovcy village, Kyiv oblast`
Brovary forest
Depositphotos 76025567 m 2015

This picturesque forest is situated between Kyiv and Brovary town. The easiest way to reach this place on a bike is to ride from Livoberezhna subway station (where you can also rent a bicycle) and then through Pobedy park. In such way, a cyclist will get into a deep softwood forest, which impresses with its calmness and purity. A ride here will become a real adventure. Brovary forest is not a professional location for bike riding, but it can be appreciated for its natural beauty, fresh air and unknown routes. Sometimes it`s even possible to meet some forest animals here. Closer to Kyiv, the area is full of walking trails leading to the Almaznoye lake. The forest terrain is pretty smooth - here you can rarely find rapid descents and ascents, therefore this place is good for riding any kind of bike. But if your route is directed to Brovary, it would be better to choose a professional bike.
Enjoy beautiful landscapes on the best bicycle routes near Kyiv.
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