CrossFit Training in Kiev

CrossFit Training in Kiev

CrossFit is a system of general physical training that includes functional exercises of high intensity. Such type of workout is primarily directed to the development of power, speed, flexibility, improvement of endurance and coordination. Check out where to do the CrossFit training in Kiev.

The main advantage of CrossFit is the opportunity to simultaneously develop all the physical qualities that are necessary for the improvement of health and shaping great body. CrossFit clubs in Kiev offer universal programs: these classes have no age or sex restrictions and are suitable for both beginners and professional athletes.

CrossFit training in Kiev is gaining more and more popularity. Almost every gym in the city offers group classes or personal trainings with professional Crossfit coaches. There are three Crossfit only clubs in Kiev: Banda, DOG & Grand and Strong & Real.

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Photo: Banda Official Facebook page
Banda is a specialized CrossFit club in Kyiv and has all the necessary equipment for effective classes: rods, horizontal bars, kettlebells, ropes, tires, pedestals of different heights for jumping. There is also a training area in the street. The club covers a lot of CrossFit areas: classes for beginners, professional CrossFit, rowing, gymnastics, weightlifting, classes for teenagers and women as well as TRX.
Address: 4-O Naberezhno-Luhova str., Kiev

DOG & Grand

Photo: DOG & Grand Official Facebook page
DOG & Grand is the only ‘club in a club’ in Kiev that has a large number of departments along with affiliate CrossFit area. The club combines gym, fitness rooms (aerobic and dance classes, power direction, ‘intelligent body’ and mixed areas), hall of martial arts and boxing area. In addition, the club offers massage rooms, a phyto-bar, beauty salon, sauna and even a children's room.
Address: 6 Moskovskyi Ave, Kiev

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Strong & Real

Photo: Strong & Real Official Facebook page
Strong & Real is a specialized affiliate CrossFit hall with a full set of professional equipment and only certified trainer working in the club. It awaits only CrossFit, offering a wide choice of different directions for everyone: CrossFit base for beginners, classes for MMA fighters, CrossFit for women, rowing along with special preparation for competitions.
Address: 46 Frunze str., Kiev
If you want to lose some weight, tone your body, have better health and strong spirit – CrossFit in Kiev is the type of sport activity you can opt for!

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