Expert's Tips to Survive Summer Heat

Expert's Tips to Survive Summer Heat

Summer can be called a small life but no matter how small it is, often the season looks very promising. Often it’s the best time to simply recharge, restore the emotional balance and body’s vitamin stock to feel a champion all year round. A SPA-doctor and dietician of the country club Grand Admiral Resort & SPA Olha Kostiukovych gives tips to spend the season to the full potential.

Summer Diet

Firstly, make sure to keep to your daily water intake – the norm is 30 ml per 1 kilo (2.2 lbs). 1,5 liters of fresh water a day is enough for a fragile lady that weights 50 kilos (110 lbs) but an 80 kilos/176 lbs man should stick to 2 liters and an extra couple of glasses, if desired. Drink a glass of the water 30 minutes before the meal and take small sips while eating.
Tip: juice, compote and tea don’t count when it comes to drinking water. Drinking soda and eating sugar with a spoon are almost the same things and drinking too much mineral water leads to the overabundance of salt, so don’t get overenthusiastic about it. Fresh water with addition of lemon, lime, mint and ginger is the best option to increase your PH level and improve protein digestion.
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Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables — this will put boost your immune system for the whole year. Challenge yourself to keep mayo and store-bought sauces out of diet. Use olive, linseed, and avocado oils for salad dressing.
Tip: greasy food causes stomach heaviness and constant feeling of fatigue during summer. Your body doesn’t waste energy for heating; therefore, it needs less fat products. Excellent news for those who want to lose weight – it’s high time to change desserts for berries and fruits without affecting your good mood. Low-carb fruits like apples, citrus fruits, peaches, plums and pears are excellent options.
Finally, it’s better to consume carbs in the morning before lunch. Fish is easier to digest in the evening, so we recommend you to switch to seafood.
Skin Care
Choose a thermal water spray with the help from your cosmetologist and use it whenever you feel like doing it. Don’t spray too much – the water must get absorbed without leaving excess salt on your skin. Be sure to use SPF to prevent skin pigmentation.
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Tip: it’s better to wear sunscreen all the time – from dawn till dusk! Even if the weather’s cloudy. The tan is not worth crying over premature wrinkles. Dehydrated and burnt skin won’t be able to delight with firmness and health. Choose light formula creams and fluids that contain antioxidants and vitamin C and save heavier moisturizers for cold seasons.
Summer Fitness

To star with, wear light clothes, walk barefoot and do sports outside. Light colors reflect the light and the natural fabrics let your skin “breath” which gives a fresh feeling. Cotton, linen and silk are the best options. If you are into sports, it might be a good idea to find like-minded people for morning yoga on the grass and playing outdoor tennis.
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Experiment with running – it requires a minimal level of training and fits many people just fine.
Tip: during very hot days it’s recommended to go outside according to the following timetable: before 11:00 am and after 16:00 pm (17:00 pm. for children).
Summer is high time to reactivate the biologically active points on your feet. Walking barefoot on the grass, sand or massage carpets is enough for that.
Wellness Treatment
A balanced SPA tour under the supervision of a wellness specialist is one of the best things to do in hot season. The suitable SPA tour provides you with comprehensive care: balanced diet, effective detox drinks, lymphatic drainage and modeling massage. It also guarantees you the optimal number of relaxing spa treatments. The individual approach is of utmost importance.
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To choose a proper treatment, a professional medical SPA doctor will perform blood and skin analyses, as well as bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). It’s worth noting that vitamin D3 that is made in the skin when exposed to sunlight increases your metabolism. Due to this fact, summer SPA tours usually cause weight loss.
Tip: taking a SPA tour in the middle of metropolis is less effective than full immersing in the delight of a countryside SPA resort with its fresh air, meditative fragrance of forest for mind and body relaxation.
Good health begins in the mind. That’s why it’s so important to find some time for yourself, forget about fighting for every achievement and escape your loud city at least for a while. Choose SPA resorts with pools and wide range of outdoor activities for your family. Kyiv forest area would be a perfect place.
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