Fencing: New Workout Trend in Kyiv

Fencing: New Workout Trend in Kyiv

Fencing is a beautiful and very challenging sport. It requires hand-eye coordination, explosiveness, and pinpoint accuracy. Fencing workout trend has reached Kyiv recently. With many capital’s fitness clubs offering fencing lessons these days, «Destinations» narrows down some useful information on this aristocratic sport.

Many consider a fencing bout to be a workout by itself, which is partially true, but the muscles that are being worked on are different and the tension is distributed unevenly. That is why it is very important to practice fencing under the supervision of experienced coaches.
Fencing requires strength, speed and timing, as well as skill. One of the most popular gyms that offers fencing lessons on commercial basis in Kyiv is Aristocrat Sport Club (1, Fizkultury street, Kyiv). Here all the sports enthusiasts can learn the basic techniques of fencing as well as perfect their fencing routine in case they have tried fencing before. Aristocrat welcomes even total beginners who haven’t hold a sword in their entire life. Experienced coaches say that some special physical preparation is not required to start fencing.
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One can also book a fencing lesson at MegaGym Fitness (19, Kharkivske Shosse, Kyiv), Aquarium Fitness Club (45, Geroyiv Stalingradu, Kyiv) and LEÇON LES DUCS Fencing School (4/6 Pokrovska street, Kyiv).
Fencing also develops agility and flexibility and is probably most similar to many of the martial arts in terms of the collection of skills it requires. In fact, studying fencing has many benefits, for both the body and the mind. It is an activity that not only requires learning a completely new set of fun skills, but also a strategic intelligence that many liken to chess.

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In learning fencing you are introduced to a sport of elegance and sophistication with an incredibly rich history that goes back hundreds, if not thousands years. So, don’t think it’s too late -- why not get fit while living out the sword-fighting adventures of your childhood?
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