FitWell: Get in Shape in 3 Weeks

FitWell: Get in Shape in 3 Weeks

Fitwell is an original weight loss and body fit program that will help you to get in shape in just 3 weeks! "Destinations" had met with the creative author and leading trainer of this program Pavel Bogarad.

Pavel, please, tell us about the program. What are the benefits? Who has developed the program and how long does it exist?

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Fitwell is the original slimming and body contouring technique, a unique system of non-standard fitness exercises aimed at the result. It is a fitness program for successful people who want to get 100% result. The program includes comprehensive approach to each participant. Trainers, and nutrition specialist, and project coordinator are working with participants. The advantages of the program are in usage of the 'group dynamics' technique. We teach the participants to understand the essence of proper nutrition without dieting and limitations.

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For this purpose 2 coaches work with every participant and build up personal exercise technique. The coaches spend 21 days with participants and dedicate to them as much time as it is necessary to achieve the goal. The participants get journal-books and handouts, which help to control your nutrition and training. I am the author of this program, which has been working like this for 2 years already while the first testing project has been conducted 7 years ago.
What locations are used for training and how does the training session look like?

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At this stage our program takes place in three locations:
- "CrossFit Banda ARENA" Fitness Club, Kiev, Palats Ukraina metro station
- "Podolsky" Fitness Club, 56a, Yaroslavska street. Kiev
- "Fitness Blockbuster" Fitness Club, 34B, Moscovsky avenue, Kiev
But out plan is to expand our programs not only in Kiev but also in all regions of Ukraine.
During the training program our fitness experts work with aerobic, power and cardio elements as well as with some Pilates, Bodyflex and strength flexibility -related exercises.

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Is this program accessible for a foreigner? Do you envisage participation of English-speaking foreigners in Fitwell?
Since we try to find an approach to everyone, the foreigners are not the exception. Currently, in our team there is a coach who speaks English fluently. In addition, our project manager is always ready to communicate with English-speaking foreigners. Recently a Frenchman participated in our project. The lectures were interpreted in French for him by his wife, and during the training process he was in the safe hands of our coaches. Nicolas achieved an excellent result and he was satisfied with Fitwell a lot.

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Do you have Fitwell programs for children and adolescents?
Working with children is a special process that requires special attention and LIABILITY. And since we are always aimed at 100% result, we work on a very special program for children and adolescents. Once we understand that we are ready to present it, we will immediately inform about this! We have a sufficient number of applicants. After all, many of our members are parents and they fully trust us, and they want to send their children in safe hands.

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How can anyone get into the program? How much does it cost?
The program is held every month, except for January. At any time you can call us and sign up for the next project. Also, the application can be left on the site or a message can be written on our Facebook page. You will be contacted by our administrator for details. In addition, we often spend offsite fitness tours. Radisson Blue Resort and Eden Resort & SPA hotels are our partners. During such tours we teach the participants how to relax the body and soul with health benefits!
Cost of the program starts from UAH 3000 depending on the time of payment and the type of project.

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FitWell program will help you to work out, eat properly, balance your nutrition and get in shape – everything you need for a healthy life and a body you will love. The beautiful, toned body - this is what you get with Fitwell in 21 days!

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