Going for Sports: Coach Advice

Going for Sports: Coach Advice

I met with coach Valentin Sitalo in Sport-Studio to get his advice on motivation in sports and achieving the desired results. Funny photo-illustrations of this article where I "play" with unrealistic weight are just the reverse side of Valentin's serious approach to training. He carefully checked every step I took so that I would not harm myself. In such reliable and caring hands of the coach anyone can become the champion!

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It is important to understand why you come to the gym. But it can happen that in the process of trainings a person reveals what is good for him/her and achieves good results. He/she delves into the process and finds the motivation that has not existed before. Few people just come for sports. Often sport studio is a place for communication and pastime, where the coach is a psychologist and a friend. The coach has no right to impose something on the person, but he can help to do the sport correctly.
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Competition is the most important motivation and a goal for an athlete. But each of us can set short-term small goals, and when reaching them, to move on. It is necessary to be happy with your achievements, to praise yourself for them. Plus, you need to try different sporting loadings, because in sports everything is individual. It is necessary to delve into the details of how you are training, what efforts you put in, what results you receive and how to improve them. And, of course, you do not need to overdo it, any load is good in moderation.
Extremes do not work. The life needs to be integrated and harmonious. Sport is one of the parts of life. It can be a way to get rid of bad habits, it's a tool that you need to use skillfully. It's like philosophy. No pain – no gain. You have to overcome yourself, your laziness, pain, difficulties in order to achieve the goal. It forms a character, not just your own body. This allows you to assert yourself in life.
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I do not like templates, but I always rely on my experience. This applies to sports supplements, water consumption, stretching, sauna and other things "around" the sport. You need to listen to your body. If it is useful for you and it gives you a pleasant effect, no harm, it means it is good for you. But everything should be in moderation and in accordance with the individual characteristics of a person. It is always necessary to delve into the essence of the matter. Do not just read the labels, but study the question of what this or that sport product is made of, who can use it, who does not, at what dosages are.
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Gender features
All the girls with whom I’ve trained, complain less, endure more, they are hardy, purposeful and strong in character. Men have much to learn from the "weaker gender". Physically, of course, a man is stronger because of his hormonal background. Testosterone is important, but the character in sports is no less important.
Sport-Studio address: 45-49, Turhenivska street, Kyiv
Interviewed by Anna Vishtak
Photos by Yulia Kurta

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