Hair treatment in DESSANGE beauty salon

Hair treatment in DESSANGE beauty salon

DESSANGE French Empire of Beauty has been the undisputed standard of hairdressing and the highest level of luxury for 60 years already. "Destinations" chief editor has tested the quality of services of DESSANGE salon in Kiev and that's what came out of it.

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DESSANGE hairdressing services have been raised to the rank of true art. Here you can learn about the latest trends in the field of hairdressing and make-up, advanced cosmetic techniques. The skilled DESSANGE experts increase their professional level twice a year directly in Paris.
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The main goal for DESSANGE hairdressers, stylists and makeup artists is to create a holistic, perfect, natural and harmonious look for every client.
DESSANGE cosmetics, created with love for beauty and nature, contains up to 90% of the natural components of the cleanest places on earth. Cozy atmosphere of DESSANGE salons helps to get into the world of relaxation and pleasure, enjoying the luxurious treatments and rituals.
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The therapeutic and relaxing treatments for hair care are the reason for my visit to DESSANGE salon, located in the center of Kiev at Volodymyrs'ka street.
Pleasant interior, lots of light and sun and friendly staff immediately set me to a positive wave.
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In addition to the high professional qualities my stylist has a genuine friendliness and good sense of humor that immediately disposes me to him. I’ve been dressed in a white robe and sat comfortable in the chair.
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Any girl would agree that hair periodically needs special care and treatment. Today my hair will be treated with “Honey and Everlasting Flower Cream” produced by DESSANGE. Its natural ingredients - babassu oil, honey extract, beeswax and extract of everlasting flowers - fill in the damaged areas of the hair with keratin, moisten hair, make it supple and strong, giving it the shine and softness.
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Peculiarities of the cream’s application mean that thick cream should melt in the hands of the stylist and then to be applied on the hair. Lock by lock, the stylist puts on the cream on my hair along the entire length, avoiding the scalp.
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The hair is then specially wrapped. The stylist decided to add creativity in this process and built up a real flower of the wrap on my head. Beauty is everywhere :-)

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Now we wait for 15-20 minutes for the cream to work and I can look through the DESSANGE magazine, drink coffee and just relax.
After the allotted time the stylist washes my hair with a special deep cleansing shampoo of professional hair care series. Then he washes my head with regular shampoo, uses conditioner and hair mask.
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Now we have to dry up the hair and make a dressing, using spray for hair shining and foam for volume. Styling is done using warm hair dryer. The stylist creates some curls with brush.
The hair treatment procedure takes about 1.5 hours. This is a real spa-ritual where you relax and enjoy the sweet delicious flavor of honey cream. Any your day will be great if you start it in DESSANGE beauty salon. Your hair will appreciate it!
KUM 5892
30, Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd, Kiev
49A, Volodymyrs'ka Str., Kiev,
45-49, Vozdvyzhens'ka St, Kiev
Anna Vishtak
photos by Yulia Kurta

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