Hot Jar Spa in Zakarpattya: Best Places

Hot Jar Spa in Zakarpattya: Best Places

Zakarpattya is a region with truly amazing nature and rich history, as well as hidden secrets and amazing traditions. If you are a fan of new exciting experiences, or are interested in wellness procedures with long-lasting results, hot jar spa (or «chan») may lure you into one of the villages in the Carpathians.

The hot jar, or «chan» in Ukrainian, is a spa treatment with a truly unique method of heating. If you don’t know the principle of work, it may even look mildly terrifying - people sitting in a cast-iron vats on fire. But fear not - the temperature in the hot jar reaches the maximum of 45 degrees Celsius, and river stones are put on the bottom to prevent burns. The tradition originates way back from Austria-Hungary, where hot jars were used as a way to prepare the body before going into a hot spring. Nowadays in the Carpathians, people usually pour in a decoction of medical herbs for the best relaxation, beneficial effects on nervous system, and as a prevention of insomnia.
Here are the most renown places you can enjoy the treatment:
Wild buddy’s chan / Чан у Цiмбора
Located in a tiny village called Lumshory, it is truly a mecca for those who seek the best hot jar spa. Blessed with a source of hydrogen sulphide mineral water, dwellers of the place installed numerous chans and improved the art of treatment. The owners of Wild buddy’s chan estate suggest you take a bath in the cold flow after treatment in the hot jar, as the temperature fluctuation keeps the body relaxed and has favorable effect on the skin. Besides, if you’re traveling with company, consider the new chan installed at the estate - it can hold up to 15 people at once. You can choose one of the 17 fully furnished rooms and have meals at the local restaurant, which offers traditional Ukrainian dishes. Moreover, there are discounts if you plan to stay 5 or more days. Find out more at the English version of the estate’s web-site.
Address: 9 Lakeside street, Lumshory, Transcarpathian district
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Ungvarskiy Hotel
spa chan zakarpattya one

A hotel with a hundred-year history, Ungvarskiy welcomes everyone with their cozy rooms, traditional Transcarpathian kitchen, immaculate service and, of course, hot jar spa, which is dubbed as «kupil» here. A separate kupil complex is located at the depth of 6 meters underground. Fear not - it is fully equipped and calculated, as well as proved to be efficient by years of service. A perfect temperature and heat fluctuation enhances the beneficial effects of mineral waters, letting the muscles fully relax. If you ever wondered how it feels to be a heir of the wealthy feudal family, pay a visit to the place like they did in 19th century - and take a relaxing kupil to plan on the further goals.
Address: 29, Elektrozavodska street, Uzhhorod, Transcarpathia
Belle Royalle
Among the forest of Zakarpattya lies Belle Royalle health and wellness complex, conveniently equipped with not only chans, eco-restaurant with traditional regional food and various health centers, but Internet as well. Thus, you can quickly share truly magical moments in the surrounding forest, sounds of the trickling river and birds chirping in the morning. As for the chan, Belle Royalle has a full instruction for the treatment: start from submerging in water at about 37 degrees Celsius, then you come out of the chan and trod down the wooden stairs to the cold river. Do not hesitate to get into the icy water! The fluctuation trains cardiovascular system, and mineral waters of the chan increase brain efficiency, improve metabolism, and eliminate joint pain. The chan area is located outdoors in the woods and overlooks the enchanting mountains.
Address: 74 Lisarnya, Mukachevo district, Transcarpathia
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Turyanskyi Dvir
turyanksyi dvir one
In 50 kilometers from Uzhhorod lies the private estate with numerous cottages and a restaurant, where you can take a bite of traditional Carpathian and Hungarian dishes. The shtick of the place is, naturally, the wondrous treatment - Perechyn chans filled with pure mountain water, best local herbs and special ingredients known only by masters of the place. Located at the open air, you are offered to take a bath in a huge cast-iron chan, with the temperature at about 40 degrees Celsius. Afterwards, you can submerge in the near-lying mountain lake to make your heart stronger by heat fluctuations. Turyanskyi Dvir is placed perfectly to discover the wonders of the region: Vojvodina waterfall, Mukachevo castle «Palanok», as well as numerous ski resorts. You can book a cottage to your liking at the estate’s web-site available in English.
Address: Turya polyana village, Perechin region, Transcarpathia
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Photo sources:, Turyanskyi Dvir web-site. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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