JUST BE BEAUTIFUL and Love Yourself

JUST BE BEAUTIFUL and Love Yourself

I often wonder how courageous and industrious are those who dare to start their own business under current conditions in Ukraine. And I`m even more impressed with those bravehearts and hard workers who not just start their business, but also manage to do it with passion, keep to the highest standards of quality and gain popularity. This article is about two such persons, two daring and very ambitious sisters, and about their JBB beauty studio.

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Some time ago, Olga and Nadezhda were working in a bank, but their dream was to make people and the whole world around more beautiful. The girls decided to attend courses on make-up design and eyebrows/eyelashes treatment, learned to do hair styling and then began to sharpen their skills in different beauty salons of Kyiv.
Nadezhda and Olga
Olga: “There was a moment when I realized that it was the time to start our own business, to open a salon. My sister totally supported me.”
Nadezhda: “I was always attracted to beauty industry, and my sister shared my interest to it. That is how JBB salon was born”.
All ingenious is simple, as well as the slogan hidden in JBB salon name, which originally means Just Be Beautiful. What can be more exciting? But first, there were long months of preparation to salon opening: birth of an idea, arranging details and implementation of intentions. Renovating is always a troublesome matter, but when you do it for your pet project, everything gets easier. The salon is located on two floors of an old building in the center of Kyiv. Being here is like a breath of fresh air, any girl can feel as a Barbie doll surrounded by soft pillows, fancy cups, plentifulness of cosmetics, large mirrors, pink lamps and other numerous details which are so important for one`s mood.
Now let`s talk about services of the salon. The most attention is paid to eyes, because eyes are the mirror of the soul, as the classic said  However, besides eyebrows and eyelashes treatment, JBB services also include make-up, hair styling and braiding. All these treatments allow to create a new image, to look bright and to delight yourself and everyone around with outstanding beauty.
But as it`s said, it is better to try once than to hear or to see a thousand times. That is why I have tested several services at once: eyebrows correction and coloring, eyelashes lamination and hair styling as a final flourish. It should be mentioned that eyebrows treatment takes only around 30 minutes, while eyelashes require a little more time of master`s work. While the master takes care of your hair styling, you may relax with a cup of tea and enjoy girls chat. All treatments do not cause any unpleasant feelings, except perhaps you may sneeze while the master plucks your eyebrows. In the end of the whole process, it is a selfie time  I did not want to leave this place. By the way, if you wish to learn how to do all these things on your own, you may attend special school at the salon.
In JBB salon, Olga and Nadezhda help not only to become more beautiful, but also to forget about hard working day and to smile looking at your reflection in the mirror.
JUST BE BEAUTIFUL and love yourself!
Address: 24B, Olesya Honchara St., Kyiv
Photos: JBB salon and Yulia Kurta
Text by Anna Vishtak

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