MedEstetTsentr Clinic for Health and Beauty

MedEstetTsentr Clinic for Health and Beauty

Photo ShutterstockMedEstetTsentr Clinic was created in 2002 as the Center for applied aesthetics, contouring, and cosmetic medicine. Today the clinic has a strong position in the market of the beauty industry and is developing dynamically. “Destinations” editor visited the clinic and had a chance to test some beauty treatments.

The main task of MedEstetTsentr is to help to improve and preserve the beauty with the help of modern technologies with the usage of special tools and techniques prior to a surgery.
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Aesthetic facial skin care
While using the latest laboratory achievements of the best cosmetic companies such as IMAGE, HydraFacial, Ericson Laboratoire, Gerard's, YonKa, Sesderma, Decleor, Faith + Beauty injections, Teosyal, Filorga, Botox, Dysport, MedEstetTsentr experts have developed exclusive beauty treatments which help to restore the activity of skin cells. The active cosmetic ingredients suit the needs of the skin.
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Editor’s test: I was offered to go through the procedure of a complex facial skin care which includes several steps. The first step includes deep cleansing and skin detox (with the help of special mechanical means and oxygen). The second stage is the anti-aging treatment with a vibro-massage of 10- 15 minutes which tightens muscular frame.
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After that there is the third step when a sterile glycerol is applied thereon and is carried to the deepest layers of the skin with the help of radio waves. During this step of the treatment the skin is heated to 39-42 degrees (depending on the skin type).

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This phase is aimed to revive the skin and fill it with anti-aging components. The whole treatment lasts for 35-60 minutes. Individually selected serum for skin care helps to fix the result. The procedure itself is very pleasant and relaxing. After it the face looks radiant, the skin is smooth and truly rejuvenated. The effect persists for several days.
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The aesthetic body skin care
It is possible to correct the body shape by influencing all the problem areas with massage or special devices such as LPG.
Specialists of 'MedEstetTsentr’ clinic developed effective techniques of therapeutic, wellness, anti-aging and anti-cellulite types of massage.
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Treatments with LPG technology can solve aesthetic problems of body and face, as well as can be used for medicinal purposes and post-surgery recovery.
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Editor’s test: I tried LPG massage on all areas of body and face. The feeling is very pleasant. For this treatment you need to use a special suit which is possible to buy in "MedEstetTsentr".
The LPG technique allows you to enhance the lymphatic drainage, provides normal blood circulation, and thus, the flow of oxygen to all tissues in the body. With an integrated approach this technique helps to get rid of cellulite, to improve skin look and to tone the muscles, as well as to remove puffiness and withdraw the excess of extra fluid from the body. The procedure is painless, even enjoyable. It is possible to choose a different type of pressure when LPG works with different areas of the body.
There are standard contraindications for LPG massage, such as malignant tumors, pregnancy, lactation and others. Before starting the treatment the doctor will ask you questions about your health.
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Contour Correction
Modern methods of contouring allow you to remove wrinkles on the face quickly and painlessly by barely noticeable and harmless injections.
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MedEstetTsentr’ specialists use only the newest certified products that have passed all necessary tests and do not cause allergies and improve the condition of the tissue, making the skin supple and hydrated.
Laser Hair Removal
Removing unwanted hair anywhere on the body is not a problem. At the same time you can forget about the pain, redness and prolonged recovery after the procedure. Modern technologies will help to get soft skin without hair.
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Post-surgery rehabilitation
It takes time for recovery and rehabilitation after any plastic surgery. "MedEstetTsentr" can undergo rehabilitation procedures to mitigate the unpleasant symptoms such as swelling, bruising, pain, thereby and help a person to return to the usual active lifestyle quickly.
If you think that it is time to take care of your body, visit "MedEstetTsentr" clinic where high level specialists will help you so solve any aesthetic problem.
Address: 23, Lva Tolstoho Str., +38 044 234 25 45

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