Top-5 Dental Clinics in Kyiv

Top-5 Dental Clinics in Kiev

Finding a dentist that is not only experienced, competent, but also available at the times of need is often a quest of the lifetime. It often happens so, price list doesn't satisfy, specialists seem not reliable enough, or the vibe is merely not there. Let's see the top-5 of the best dental clinics in Kyiv. It requires certain amount of trust to place your health in stranger's hands, especially when it comes to teeth, but here you can abandon all worries.


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According to various ratings, Lumi-Dent can be easily named number one among the best dental clinics in Kyiv. This modern facility is the largest on the Left Bank of Dnipro River and belongs to one of the largest networks of private clinics. Experienced doctors with more than 20 years of impressive experience, cutting-edge technology and procedures are available at 9 dental branches. List of procedures includes diagnostics, surgery, orthodontic correction of occlusion, dental prosthetics, implantation, first aid, as well as esthetic stomatology. The client service is high level, too: Lumi-Dent staff will be sure to remind you of any upcoming visits couple of days prior and give a quick update after any procedures in case you have any questions.
Address: Anny Akhmatovoi St, 14А, Kyiv


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"A"-level clinic on the list, this dentist office is supported by various international and Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies. A-Denta is equipped with the latest German technology, which allows every procedure to go smoothly, from usual check-ups and X-rays to implantation and surgery. Moreover, all specialists that work here regularly take part in specialized conferences and complete advanced training courses so they can keep their skills to the level. Available spheres at A-Denta include implantation, dental prosthetics, esthetic stomatology, periodontics, pediatric dentistry and cutting-edge technology – laser dentistry. Besides, regular customers receive a free preventive checkup 2 times a year.
Address: 22, Heroiv Stalinhradu avenue, Minska/Obolon' metro stations

Oxford Medical

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Oxford Medical is a private clinic with more than 12 years of experience in various spheres of medicine. This clinic has opened medical centers in 19 cities, making it the largest network in Ukraine. It often appears in top ratings of the best dental clinics in Kiev, provides various dental services, including those of narrow focus. To name but a few: simple tooth extraction, removal of cysts and granulomas, treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis, installation of clasp prostheses, bridges and veneers. Apart from this, you can make an appointment for teeth whitening Zoom or modern cleaning procedure Air Flow. Consultation center works 24 hours a day, which can satisfy any schedule. Professors who’ve taken part in the unique treatment programs development are among the specialists of the clinic.
Address: 26/41, Pavlivska street, Lukianivska metro station


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This clinic works in 24/7 format without breaks, which makes it perfect for emergency cases. Located in the downtown, it provides services with four general dentists, two hygienist therapists, an orthodontist and a surgeon, that all have reliable working experience. Each specialist regularly completes advanced training to ensure provision of the latest technics and faithful consultation. 32-Dent uses materials and equipment only from well-known manufacturers. All tools are individual and go through a full cycle of sterilization, which guarantees protection from any infections. Therapy here includes treatment of caries, pulpitis, and periodontitis. Then, clinic offers procedures of wisdom tooth extraction, cyst removal, tooth resection and curettage. Finally, the popular treatment of installing braces is also available here.
Address: 15, Peremohy avenue, Politekhnichnyi Instytut metro station


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Avanto is a network of specialized dental clinics with three offices located comfortably in the downtown. 20 years of experience in Ukraine and numerous positive feedbacks make it one of the best dental clinics in Kiev. The clinic implements a family approach: doctors here observe and treat not only adults, but also children and expecting mothers. At Avanto, the main principle of work is an individual approach to each patient: based on the diagnostic data, the team of doctors develops an individual treatment plan and coordinates it with the patient at each stage. A system of discounts works for every kind of treatment. For instance, you can take a free preventive checkup every six months. Then, therapeutic treatment and prosthetics are received with a 3-year guarantee. Procedures here include but aren't limited to implantation, dental prosthetics, esthetic stomatology, pediatric dentistry.
Address: 37/1, Anri Barbyusa street, Palats Ukraina metro station; 22/17, Kostiantynivska street, Kontraktova Ploscha metro station; 13, Staronavodnytska street, Pecherska metro station
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