Top 4 Private Medical Clinics in Kyiv

Top 4 Private Medical Clinics in Kyiv

Getting sick is the last thing one wishes during the vacations. However, everything happens. To be sure you get the best medical consultation and treatment, check out the top 4 private clinics in Kyiv.


Medicom private clinic in KyivMedicom clinic is very proud of its doctors’ team. In order to work there the candidates have to overcome three-stage selection process. The vast majority of the staff has the highest medical category and academic degree. Moreover, training and professional development is regularly provided for all the employees in the fields of ultra sound diagnostics, gynecology, urology, proctology, cardiology, ophthalmology and endocrinology. 
All the necessary and modern equipment can be found here for quality medical service: X-ray, ultrasound scanner, ECG, gastroscopy and more. For the convenience, the laboratory is located in the same building as the clinic.
The medical consultation in combination with a well-appointed inspection and analysis takes about an hour: you will spend a minimum of time there.
Addresses: 6-D Heroiv Stalinhradu Avenue, 37/1 Henry Barbusse Street


Oberig hospital in KyivOberig medical center established itself as a modern institution of nongovernmental hospital, where outpatient and inpatient medical care of high quality is provided for Ukrainian citizens and patients from around the world. Oberig has comprehensive capabilities in diagnostics and treatment of various diseases, including: innovative medical information system, powerful diagnostic department (CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, etc.), outpatient and inpatient departments for adults and children, modern department of anesthesiology and intensive care, intelligent operating room, a private clinical diagnostic lab and central sterilization department, specialized medical centers.
Peculiarity of the hospital is the creation of multi-disciplinary teams of specialists for integrated solutions of complex medical problems by forming special functional units where specialists of different fields are concentrated in order to achieve a better result in mammography, proctology, gynecology, urology, endoscopy, vascular surgery and in a number of other fields of medicine.
Address: 3-V, Zoolohichna Street


Borys Private Clinic in KyivBorys Medical Clinic is widely considered the best private health care provider in Kyiv and as such looks after the well-being of all manner of important personas: from Ukrainian politicians to foreign ambassadors. Borys offers the newest procedures and technology in various fields of medicine like dermatology, urology, proctology, gynecology, ultra sound diagnostic, neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, backed up by an extremely professional staff of doctors, friendly atmosphere and comfortable conditions. Borys Clinic also offers family doctor services. 
Address: 12-A, Bazhana Street


Kyiv Dobrobut Hospital in KyivDobrobut Medical Network has been successfully operating since 2001. The clients receive the full range of medical services (outpatient care, hospitalization, emergency care for adults and children, family doctor service) in Kyiv. Medical assistance is provided both in Ukraine and abroad. Find the closest clinic to your location with website
In case of emergency, do not hesitate to contact one of the top 4 private clinics in Kyiv! Be healthy!

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