Muse For Inspiration and New Hairstyle

Muse For Inspiration and New Hairstyle

Photo Yulia KurtaAutumn is the season of contradictions. From one side we feel blues with all these rainy days and cloudy sky, but from the other side nature pleases us with bright colors of tree leaves and some warm days. All of us need some inspiration and some changes to recharge in fall. In this case you will need a MUSE.

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MUSE beauty salon is located in the historical part of the city close to Volodymyrska church. The name of the salon is connected to famous rock group, known all over the world.
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On the walls there are some posters with members of the group and the salon staff wears only black. Anyway this place is not dramatic, but full of light and mirrors. I came here with no idea what I wanted to do with my hair, but I was searching for changes. Hair stylists arranged a kind of concilium and examined my hair. As a result we've agreed that I need to cut my long hair and to make a short hairstyling. Well, it was not the fastest decision in my life, but it was really right one.
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Together with Julia and Katerina (hairstylists) we’ve decided to cut the length and to refresh the color. In Muse salon L'Oreal Professionnel cosmetics is used.
So we’ve started with cutting the hair and its coloring.
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Julia mixed different shades of DIA Richesse color. It is ammonia free but it colors 70% of grey hair. Thanks to fast reaction (you need only 20 min) it does not damage hair but gives it rich color and brightness, which last for 6 weeks. While I wait for finishing the process of coloring, I can enjoy my tea in a cozy chair with wonderful window view talking with staff ladies.
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20 minutes later we go on with changing my look. Hair nutrition and treatment is necessary after any coloring. For this purpose Katerina uses Vitamino-Color A-OX shampoo and mask. Just a couple of minutes are necessary to restore the hair.
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For better result L'Oreal Professionnel Power Dose Color concentrate is used. The hair is brilliant after all these professional care products and Katerina’s tender approach.
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Now it is time to finish my haircut. Julia does it quickly and professionally. I can hardly recognize this new person in the mirror. Well, it is my renewed and updated look. Autumn is not so grey and cold anymore. I know that I will come back to my MUSE again when I need inspiration and some changes.
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Price list:
Women's haircut UAH 450
Coloring UAH 700-4000
Hair setting UAH 200-900
Hair treatment UAH 100-500
Manicure UAH 200
Pedicure UAH 300
Address: 40, Ivan Franko str, Kyiv, metro Universitet
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Photos Yulia Kurta

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