Places for Skiing Around Kyiv

Places for Skiing Around Kyiv

When winter finally comes around the corner, it is easy to get stuck in your apartment and find solace in comfort food and binging TV-shows on Netflix. However, it may not be always the best option for physical and mental health. Human bodies need activity and exposure to sun – especially in winter – that's why taking up sports is often on the list of New Year resolutions. If you don't want to go to gym, there are options of outdoors sports: let's see where it's best to ski around Kyiv.

VyshHora ski resort is about 15 minutes away from Kyiv. Opened in 2007, it stays one of the most popular places for skiing not far from the capital. The complex is equipped with a 200 meter track, suitable for beginners and experienced skiers. Moreover, it overlooks the magnificent Kyiv sea. The lift is available for skiers and snowboarders, as well as the one for snowtubing. All equipment is available for rent. Those who enjoy night activities will be pleased, as VyshHora opens their tracks from 11 P.M. to 4 A.M. too. Ski school for children and beginners, as well as a cafe are located on the territory of the complex.
Address: Vyshorod village, 102, Vatutina street
That ski complex was opened two years ago in Hvosdiv village of Vasyl'kiv district and quickly became a rival of other ski spots around Kyiv. On the territory of the complex you will find three routes (220, 200 and 50 meters) and two lifts (tow and multilift). The quirk of the place is an artifical snow making system, which allows visitors to plan their trips in any weather. Springboard for snowboarding lovers is also available here. You can rent all needed equipment and even take up a class with a personal coach. In addition, Gvozdoff complex has an ice rink, hotel and restaurant.
Address: Hvozdiv village, 30, Yarova street
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ski five

A well-known ski spot, this complex lies not far from Holosiievo metro station. Another way to reach the place is by car. Conveniently, the parking lot has 300 places to fit all visitors. Approximately 500 meters of various tracks are available here to enjoy the day. You don't need to have your own equipment – Holosiievo offers around 500 sets to your choice. Tow lift is available here so that the visitors have no need to walk all the way up the hill. If you are a rookie in skiing, worry not: 15 professional instructors will help to obtain the crucial skills quickly and easily. Several hotel rooms, medical services, cafe and free Wi-Fi are present all here.
Address: 8, Henerala Rodymtseva street
Vodianyky ski complex is located in Cherkasy region. It was built several years ago, and already became a very popular get-away spot among skiers. In total, there are three tracks with total length of more than 2 km, suitable for beginners and experienced sportsmen. Each track has lightning system, so you can skate well until dusk. The season here begins when the first frosts hit. Weather is not a problem at Vodianyky: artificial snow makes up for the real one when needed. Four-chair lift and a tow lift are available to get to the top. Two comfortable hotels are located on the territory of the resort, offering their rooms to all visitors.
Address: Vodianyky village, Cherkasy region
Protasiv Yar
ski one
For those who want to enjoy the merits of skiing right in the capital, Protasiv Yar opens its tracks. It is the first and the only official snowboard and ski park in Kyiv, opened in 2009. 3 tracks of different length and complexity are available here: a sloping route, 500 m with height difference of 70 m, a steep route, 300 m with height difference of 70 m, and a training route, 150 m, which is perfect for children and rookies. In addition, there is a snowboard park for those who prefer boards to skis.
Address: 23A, Protasiv Yar street
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Skiing is one of the best winter sports available to humanity. Luckily, Ukraine has many resorts available for those who want to indulge in physical activities – and those aren't only Bukovel. Sometimes you don't need to go far away from Kyiv to find your perfect path.
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