Ropeway across Dnipro River in Kiev

Ropeway across Dnipro River in Kiev

Ropeway across Dnipro River in Kiev goes parallel to the pedestrian bridge and connects Trukhaniv Island with the observation deck under the Arch of Friendship of Nations. Now, thanks to the cable, this distance can be overcome in less than a minute.

The total route length is 600 meters, which is the longest cable in Ukraine. The route runs parallel to the pedestrian bridge. On the observation deck, which is located near the Arch of Friendship of Nations, the ropeway is attached to a metal pole and on the other side - to the 12-meter tower on the beach of Truhaniv Island.

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Two professional instructors work at start and finish points of the ropeway. At the start, the passenger gets equipped, conducts a special training and hits the road. Afterwards, is greeted at the finish and gets down with the help of instructor.

The speed of the ride does not exceed 60 km/hour and all the way usually takes 40-60 seconds. The ropeway works in one direction only (from top to bottom), so you need to return back over the footbridge.

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If you like to experience new extreme emotion – go to the trolls across Dnipro River in Kiev. You will remember it for a long time!

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