Selfbalance Dance Studio in Kyiv

Selfbalance Dance Studio in Kyiv

Selfbalance studio in Kyiv is not just a great place to learn how to dance; besides that, Selfbalance gives a chance to build a strong self-confidence, to work through hidden psychological issues and to express every beautiful and bright side of one`s personality.

Selfbalance classes are based on patented system, which helps people to open themselves through dancing. This place is for those who look for self-actualization, better quality of life, and, of course, perfect dance skills. The owner of the studio, Diana Minenko, is a professional dancer with many years` experience of working abroad as a member of international dance teams. The idea to open the studio came to Diana some time ago due to her experience she wanted to share with other people. Beautiful woman, interesting person and great teacher, she helps everyone who comes to this studio to find his/her own self-confidence, to get a new look and to overcome great inner changes for better.
Selfbalance is a space where people find inner harmony and become happier with help of elegant and passionate dance moves. Dancing is not just an ability to move to music, it is also an ability to feel, to trust partner, to interact. Selfbalance teachers help their students to create their own style, to express their individual character and to present themselves through dancing and plasticity. In studio people are not just taught a set of particular dance moves; they naturally and easily dive into a dynamic world of dancing. Selfbalance studio is specialized in Latin dances (salsa, bachata, merengue, Argentinian tango), classic dances (for example, waltz), contemporary style, stretching and many others. Everyone can find here exactly what he/she wants. In future, trainers of Selfbalance studio plan to combine their work with efforts of professionals from different areas, such as stylists, make-up artists, dietitians, psychologists, photographers, acting teachers and other in order to establish a creative hub for development of happy and well-balanced personality.
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Selfbalance slogan “Style in each movement” reflects the main purpose of the studio, which is to help each person to create a unique style, to change in a positive way, to feel the world more deeply and to understand other people better. Classes help to solve particular personal issues. Ladies are offered to create new harmonious look, to work on their plasticity and posture, to remove blockages from the body, to try dancing therapy through improvisation. With the help of Selfbalance classes women feel more feminine, more confident and successful in their social interaction. The men also have a lot of profit from attending Selfbalance dancing lessons. They find out that they express their strong points more effectively, have better posture, walking manner, balance and coordination, communicate with women more easily and effectively. Pair dances at Selfbalance studio help to feel each other and to harmonize relations inside the couple. Trainers also explain how to breath properly in a dance to achieve the best results.
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All Selfbalance teachers speak English and are certified and experienced professionals. Apart from regular classes, the studio offers such services as preparation for important events (for example, wedding), individual lessons, show direction, organizing dance parties. The studio is regularly used for holding master-classes and lectures of well-known professionals of the dance world. Selfbalance studio has two large halls with comfortable changing rooms and a lobby with a big plasma TV, where clients can watch professional dancing performances and have a rest with a cup of tea.
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Lloyd Graybill, a client of Selfbalance studio: "My partner and I were looking for somewhere to learn to dance as a couple. We attend various events and sometimes formal gatherings in Kyiv and wanted to be able to participate when the evening dance portion started at those events. We are so glad that we decided to learn from Selfbalance. Diana and Nikoli have really helped us understand and learn. They are very professional and have been dancing and teaching dance for many years. Along with their knowledge and experience, Diana and Nikoli are light-hearted, fun and energetic. They are eager to teach and love seeing us learn and grow. One of the main lessons they have taught me is how dancing plays into our daily life and relationship and how it can be strengthened through dance. We mention the studio to our friends and hope that more people will get the chance to learn there".
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Jaclynn Gaddis: "I can not speak highly enough about Selfbalance and the staff there. Diana and Nikoli are amazing. We came to the studio feeling very nervous with NO experience and they have been wonderful and extremely patient with us. They both speak excellent English and are able to explain not only how to do the moves correctly but also how to feel the music and each other. This experience has also brought us closer as a couple because Diana and Nikoli both encourage us to push ourselves past our comfort zones to achieve more both individually and as a couple. Selfbalance is not just a dance studio. It also is a place of positive support, encouragement, and self discovery. Sometimes I talk to Diana daily. She genuinely cares about her students and their lives even outside of the studio. Sometimes I have thought to give up because it seems impossible to remember and learn all the correct moves. Sometimes I do not want to go because we work very long hours and we are exhausted from our day but Diana always greets us with a huge smile and within minutes we are all laughing and working hard to achieve our goals. The second we walk in the door to the studio the days stress melts away and the fun begins".
It is easy to express yourself through the art of dancing in Selfbalance dance studio in Kyiv.
Address: 7/14, Akademika Bohomol`tsja street
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