Skydiving in Kiev

Skydiving in Kiev

For the seekers of extreme feelings and adrenaline Kiev has something to offer. One of the easiest, most popular and accessible options is parachute jumping. So, where to go if you are looking for skydiving in Kiev?

Skydiving is one of the air sports associated with the use of parachutes. Aims and objectives of skydiving have been constantly changing throughout the history. If the original parachute was intended to save lives, later it became an important element of the training of troops. Modern skydiving includes many aspects: activities related to precise piloting of the dome, the accuracy of landing and swoop, as well as it is related to a variety of artistic sports like freestyle, free-flying and group acrobatics.

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The best place in Kiev to make the parachute jump is the ‘Chaika’ Aeroclub. Here you make your solo jump after a one-day training with experienced instructors or make a tandem jump, which is a perfect option for the very first experience of skydiving. Parachute jump in tandem is an opportunity to experience a free fall with minimal risk and maximum amount of positive emotions. Due to the fact that the management of the free-fall parachute is carried out by the professional instructor, the passenger can completely surrender to the flight and just enjoy the beauty of the sky.

‘Chaika’ Aeroclub also offers gift certificates for skydiving, which can make an original and unexpected present for your family and friends. Moreover, for more experienced enthusiasts of extreme sports ‘Chaika’ also offers jet sport, gliding and runs a pilot school.

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Skydiving is what you need if looking for new experiences: nothing compares to the enchanting beauty of sky and fling wind and flying through the clouds! Enjoy skydiving in Kiev!
Address: 5 Antonova str., Petropavlivska Borshchahivka village, Kiev region

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