Ukrainian Organic Skincare Brands

Ukrainian Organic Skincare Brands

Using natural and organic body care products will certainly help boost your immune system and overall health. Luckily, Ukrainian companies eagerly support the international organic body care trend and offer a decent selection of natural paraben-free products.


Soaps and herbsYAKA is a young Ukrainian brand that produces a wide array of skincare products. The brand’s cosmetics is produced from organic materials with the modern equipment and guarantees the highest quality. There are various day and night face creams, make-up removers, shaving creams and aftershaves and body lotions in stock. YAKA’s interesting feature is their packaging style: you can see dried herbs inside many bottles - this is the proof that brand uses natural materials for their cosmetics.

Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle

Vigor cosmetics bottlesOne of the prime brands of Ukrainian cosmetics, Vigor has a serious approach to choosing materials for their products. Based on natural biologically active elements, Vigor's products also contain essential oils and extracts of herbs supplied from 85 countries of the world. Plants used for production are grown under strict control on special plantations in ecological zones. All items by Vigor have a unique feature - they are stored in the fridge to preserve prime qualities. Currently, the product range grasps facial, body and skincare for all types and ages.

White Mandarin

An array of make up bottlesOne of the most popular brands of eco-cosmetics White Mandarin was founded in 2012. All raw materials used by the company have received ECOCERT certificate, which guarantees the prime quality of products. Currently White Mandarin has 5 products lines with different bases from honey and lake mud to sprouted grains and Carpathian herbs. Each of them provides effective skin and hair treatment.


Coffee and make upThe four-year-old brand creates natural products for body, hair and face. Cosmetics by PeNa are made on the basis of natural components like plant extracts and essential oils without any harmful additives. Moreover, all products undergo laboratory tests to ensure the best results. Customers will find various scrubs, balms, creams, facial masks, bath bombs and even mini-versions of products to test before purchasing the large bottle. Gift sets are available as well. 
Photo source: Facebook pages of the above mentioned brands. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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