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When it comes to being stylish, gender truly doesn’t matter. In the 21st century, the opportunities for looking good are available in almost all big cities around the world, including Ukraine. We chose the best barbershops in Lviv to get a makeover or simply a good trim.


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One of the top barbershops in Lviv, Solidol has two salons conveniently located in the city center. The barbershop on Kniazia Romana is by far the most popular, hidden in the streets of the Old City. All in all, 14 professional barbers work in the salon chain. The equipment here is taken seriously and imported from the US, the Netherlands and the UK. For instance, all armchairs are shipped from California.

The range of services includes the classic set: several types of haircuts, beard and mustache styling, and a combination of these elements. Solidol also offers haircut sets for fathers and sons (starting from 6 years old). Some customers pointed out that women can't wait on reception while their companions are getting a haircut, as the shop is men-only. Besides, some pointed out the high prices of the salon.

To give an idea, here are some highlights from the price list: one length cut with scissors will cost UAH 130-150, cut and beard with scissors and the straight razor will cost UAH 400-480, and finally for a straight razor-only wet shave you will be charged UAH 200-230. You can book a visit on the English version of the barbershop's website or via Solidol Facebook page.

Address: 28, Kniazia Romana Street; 7A, Pid Dubom Street

Fat Tony's

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Another good barbershop located in the Lviv Old City district is Fat Tony’s. The place is known for English-speaking professional barbers, cozy interior and decent prices. Many visitors also pointed out drinks, namely whiskey and coffee, already included in the price of the haircut. Besides, an Xbox installed in the hall lures customers in as well.

Fat Tony’s has a wide range of barber services, including but not limited to beard trimming, classical shaving, clipper cut, clipper cut and trimming. You can also choose which barber will perform wonders on you. This reflects on the price — for instance, a haircut and trim from the head barber will cost UAH 500, while the same set performed by a junior will cost UAH 250. The barbershop is cozy, yet rather small and sometimes booked for weeks ahead. That’s why make sure you book a visit beforehand on the English version of the barbershop's website or Facebook.

Address: 5, Rymlyanyna Street

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This barbershop is located in the Halytskyi district, about 3 minutes away from the Ivan Franko Park. The salon in Lviv is, in fact, a part of the largest in Ukraine barbershop chain, easily distinguishable by their design and professionalism. The main feature at Frisor is unique, almost cinema-like lightning that allows barbers to create sleek and precise haircuts. The salon uses cutting-edge equipment as well as high-quality beauty products like gels and beard grease. The full range is represented in the Frisor shop, where you can buy items for hair care.

Besides, the barbers are glad to give tips on styling and select products that best suit your hair type. Services at Frisor comprise a standard barbershop set: haircut, buzz cut, beard trim, moustache trim, gray coverage and straight razor shave also called ‘royal shave’. The prices start at UAH 150. One of the most popular services, a set of haircut and beard, starts at UAH 400. Positive reviews among customers are almost unambiguous. The few negative ones pointed out that you have to be careful while choosing a barber, as some had a negative experience.

Address: 50, Doroshenka Street


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Batiary is called one of the most authentic Lviv barbershops. The name refers to a subculture of batiars, which has existed since the 1850s up to the political repressions of 1939. The young men and women had a cheerful spirit, known for jokes and immense love for their city. Nowadays, the subculture is revived — partly in the Batiary barbershop.

Barbers at Batiary offer the classic haircut and beard trim for UAH 180, as well as the special Batiary shave for UAH 200. Fathers and sons are welcome to order a set of services for two that costs UAH 320. A simple hair styling will cost you UAH 100. Moreover, Batiary has a tattoo salon that accepts individual designs and offers ready sketches for their clients.

Address: 11A, Akademika Filatova Street


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This Lviv barbershop is located in a 15-minute walk from the Lviv Citadel. The cozy salon reminds of a classic cabin, full of wooden décor elements in its interior. The barbershop’s team has 10 professional barbers ready to offer their services. Apart from the classic haircut and beard trimming, Sokyra is known for moustache styling, royal shaving with a straight razor and hair styling for kids.

The price range is average in the city, with moustache styling being the cheapest option (UAH 100) and a haircut and beard trimming set — the most expensive one (UAH 400). In addition to the haircut, you will be offered a glass of high-class whiskey. Some visitors mentioned that the staff didn’t speak English when they tried to schedule an appointment.

Address: 46, Ivana Franka Street

Photo sources:, Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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