Best 5 Tattoo Salons in Odessa

tattoo artist making a tattoo on smiling girl`s hand in salon

Odessa is a right city for adventures, and the decision to beautify your body with a gorgeous tattoo may surely become one of them. So what are the best places to get a tattoo in sunny Odessa? Find the answer in our article below.

Summer Tattoo Studio

tattoo of flower with eye on female back
Summer Tattoo Studio, the project of Odessa tattoo festival founders, is considered as one of the best tattoo shops in the city. The studio provides the clients with an opportunity to get image services of high standards, while masters have a chance to fill their portfolio with interesting works. Summer Tattoo Studio offers tattooing of any style and complexity, piercing (including microdermal technique) and permanent makeup. Masters of the salon pay much attention to sterility, using disposal gloves, needles and protective films for tattoo guns. Besides, the staff regularly disinfect working surfaces and wash floors with special antiseptic solution, so clients may be sure about their health safety. Summer Tattoo Studio offers to get a tattoo with discount. To get such a bonus, potential client has to repost Summer Tattoo Studio page in social media and to add a comment with a desired tattoo sketch. After that, the master will define the discount rate according to tattoo complexity and set the date of a session.
Address: 2/1, Shampansky lane


tattoo of cat`s face on girl`s hand
Cartel, one of the well-known tattoo places in Odessa, offers professional services of art tattooing and piercing along with laser tattoo removal. The studio keeps to the European standards. Cartel uses modern equipment and high quality consumable materials. The masters of Cartel studio guarantee strict respect for sterility norms. They care both for painless tattooing process and for the fastest skin adhesion, so the salon offers special pain-killing crème and innovative skin care products.
Address: 14, Zhukovskogo street


tattoo sleeve with alien movie character
Shatun is an all-Ukrainian network of tattoo studios, uniting experienced and creative professionals. Shatun salon masters actively participate in tattoo festivals, organize thematic courses and workshops. They know everything about modern tattoo art trends and are ready to draw sketches of any complexity according to a client`s request. Shatun studio ensures 100% sterility on their sessions. The studio regularly runs special seasonal campaigns with discounts. This is a good chance to save money while getting a beautiful tattoo. Besides, the salon offers $ 50-200 gift vouchers – a great idea for an unusual present for your loved ones. In this studio, clients appreciate individual approach and friendly atmosphere.
Address: 46, Marazlievska street

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Odessa INK Tattoo

three views of tattooed hand sleeve with picture of indian girl
Odessa INK tattoo studio promise to bring into life even the craziest ideas of the clients. Here you can get a mini tattoo or a whole sleeve, a water-color style tattoo or a tattoo with 3D-effect. The experienced masters of Odessa INK tattoo studio are able to find approach to any client and to choose appropriate style. Here you can use catalogue with ready sketches or bring your own picture. The masters of this salon also offer to fix mistakes of your previous tattoo artist. High-quality pigments and disposable consumable materials guarantee stable tattoo permanence and safety during a session. The studio also offers permanent makeup so that you can forget about lipstick or eyebrow pencil for few years. This salon is known for its good correlation of quality and price.
Address: 1, Soborna square

Tattoo Salon in Bourbon Rock Bar

hands of tattoo master and client, getting a skull tattoo
If you have ever wanted to feel like a character from your favorite movie and to get a tattoo in a real rock bar – this is your chance. Bourbon Rock, the most famous rock bar of Odessa, offers its visitors 24/7 tattoo salon right inside the bar`s hall. Besides, here you will enjoy the best whiskey, homemade bourbon, energizing music, tasty delicacies of American and Mexican cuisine, and strong coffee from the vintage coffee machine made in 1964.
Address: 8, Ekaterininska street
The best tattoo shops in Odessa welcome brave and extraordinary ones!
Photo source:, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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