Best Barbershops in Odesa 2018

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There comes a time in life when looking stylish is a must, be it a special occasion or simply a regular cut. Naturally, hair is one of the most important features of the look, that’s why it deserves being paid special attention to. Here are top 5 barbershops known by good reviews not only in Odesa but also in many other major cities of Ukraine.


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Chop-Chop is a chain of barbershops located in various cities of Ukraine, namely Kyiv, Odesa and Kharkiv. Customer ratings and numerous reviews call it one of the best barber shops in Odesa because of the barbers’ skills and cozy atmosphere. Clients that wait for the barber can chill on a comfortable couch, reading magazines like Esquire and GQ with a glass of beer or old school Sailor Jerry. For those who abstain from alcohol, Chop-Chop offers tea and coffee. The main principle of work here is finding the best haircut for the client instead of persuading to get a trendy one. The barbers at Chop-Chop have experience with different hair types, hence know the best products to use for deep care.

The range of services covers the classic for any barbershop men’s haircuts, beard trim, styling, royal shaving and a special double set “Father and Son”. The negative reviews about the barbershop mostly mention the hairstyles being too simple for the price. To give an idea, the prices start at UAH 100 for styling. Beard trim and buzz cut will cost UAH 150, while men’s haircut and a set of buzz cut and beard trim will cost UAH 300. Finally, the most expensive service at Chop-Chop is haircut and beard trim that costs UAH 400.

You can book an appointment at the English version of the Chop-Chop website, by calling +380 97 322 22 12 or via Chop-Chop app for iOS and Android.

Address: 4, Vitse-admirala Zhukova Street

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Frisor barbershop chain often referred to as one of the best in the country has two salons in Odesa. One of them is conveniently located in the center of the city not far from the Brodsky Synagogue, while the other lies closer to Arcadia district and the seaside. The main feature at Frisor is unique, almost cinema-like lightning that allows barbers to create sleek and precise haircuts. The salon uses cutting-edge equipment as well as high-quality beauty products like gels and a beard grease. The full range is represented in the Frisor shop, where you can buy items for hair care. Besides, the barbers are glad to give tips on styling and select products that best suit your hair type.

Services at Frisor comprise a standard barbershop set: haircut, buzz cut, beard trim, mustache trim, gray coverage and straight razor shave also called ‘royal shave’. A simple mustache trim is the cheapest service with the price that starts at UAH 80. Beard trim, straight razor shave and kid’s haircut all start at the same price of UAH 150. Traditional man’s haircut starts at UAH 300. Some clients that attended Frisor weren’t satisfied with the outcome of the hairstyle as they deemed it too simple for the price.

You can book an appointment at the English version of the official Frizor website, by the phone or via the Facebook page.

Address: 18, Sehedska Street; 34, Troitska Street


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TommyGun located right near the Odesa Philharmonie is known among locals and even guests of the city for meticulously crafted haircuts. Barbers at this salon assist in choosing a hairstyle as perfect as possible exactly for your face shape. Besides, they also give tips on styling and further hair care. The interior in TommyGun is styled after the 1930s, which refers to the salon's name. However, unlike 1930s America, TommyGun has free Wi-Fi and chill out zone with men's magazines, whiskey and cola. The range of services covers the classics from men's haircut to beard styling. Moreover, the shop sells hair products like grease from leading world brands.

The reviews are mostly unanimously positive with exceptions when clients weren’t satisfied with the end result. TommyGun has a convenient system of booking. The English-language site lets you choose from the three available services: haircut, buzz cut and beard trim. Besides, you can even choose a barber from the staff list. First, you will see grand barbers with the most experience, then senior staff, and finally trainees. Besides, you can book an appointment by calling +38 (095) 777 05 43 or via the Facebook page.

Address: 21, Bunina Street

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One more good barbershop in Odesa, Fitz follows the latest trend of speakeasies — the secret spots you won’t find unless you know their signature signs for sure. Fitz is recognizable by the barber pole near the entrance located at 6, Katerynynska Street. Despite having only 3 barber chairs, the salon isn’t lacking in quality, which is evident by numerous positive reviews. The barbers focus on finding the individual style for the client rather than pushing trendy hairstyles.

The services range includes but isn’t limited to a haircut, buzz cut, shaving, beard with edging, beard or mustache styling, camouflage head or beard. Besides, like in many other barbershops of the country, Father and Son set is popular here as well.

The prices start at UAH 150 for styling and camouflage beard. The simple men’s haircut will cost UAH 350. The reviews are unanimously positive. Booking is available via English version of the Fitz Barbershop website, app for iOS and Android and Facebook page. Besides, you can also call + 38 (068) 810 20 70 to inquire about free slots on the schedule.

Address: 6, Katerynynska Street

Mr. Solomon City Barbershop

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Mr. Solomon is located in the city center not far from the Odesa Philharmonic. A barbershop with numerous positive reviews, this place is known for careful styling and individual approach to each client. It’s worth noting that the drinks at Mr. Solomon aren’t offered for free but paid separately. In the best traditions of Odesa, haircuts and shaving here are called ‘Kosher’. Apart from the simple buzz cuts, visitors can also book beard trim and beard styling, head and beard camouflage, as well as manicure and pedicure. Father and Son set is available at Mr. Solomon as well.

The prices start at UAH 70 for styling and range depending on the individual case. For instance, the Kosher haircut will cost UAH 250-450, beard trim will cost UAH 120-180, while buzz cut starts at UAH 120 and can rise to UAH 250. The barbers use professional hairstyling products from brands like The Bluebeards Revenge, Uppercut Featherweight, American Crew, Proraso, L'Oréal and others. You can book an appointment online on the Mr. Solomon website or Facebook page. Booking is also available by calling +38 (073) 033-07-08.

Address: 14, Zhukovskoho Street

Photo sources: Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.


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