Best Thermal Resorts in Ukraine

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Owing to its complex geological composition, Zakarpattia (Transcarpathian) region of Ukraine is punctuated by natural hot springs. Rich in sulphur and an array of other minerals, these waters are considered to have endless health and beauty benefits. There's no better way to soak your body and free your mind then to visit one of the best thermal resorts in Ukraine.

Kosino Thermal Complex

Kosino in Zakarpattya
Photo: Kosino Thermal Resort web page
Kosino Thermal Resort is located in Berehove district, Transcarpathia Region. It occupies the area of area of 8 hectares and is nestled amid 200 year old oak grove. This is the oldest and most popular thermal resort in Ukraine. The complex has undergone a major reconstruction recently and now is a modern fully functioning spa and wellness center with great variety of natural hot thermal water pools and wide range of additional beauty services such as massages, facial and body treatments etc.

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Photo: Kosino Thermal Resort web page
The geographical position of Kosino Thermal Resort, which is located near Hungary border, has significantly influenced it’s interior design. Even after the recent makeover it still reminds of Austro-Hungarian Empire public bathes and balneological complexes.
Kosino Thermal Resort has five thermal pools. Three of them are hot: big main pool, twin pools, fresh water Aqua-Bar pool and children’s pool. Healing thermal waters rise from 1190 meters depths and have a temperature of 41°C all year round. Doctors recommend to take thermal baths in 15-20 minutes sets with 40 minutes to 1 hour interval.
People come to Kosino Thermal Complex in order to cure arthritis, osteoporosis, cardio hypertension, nerve injury and limb plexus, nervous system disease, atherosclerosis of blood vessels of extremities, varicose veins and many others.

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Photo: Kosino Thermal Resort web page
The chemical composition of thermal water of Kosino Thermal Resort rich in iron (mass concentration of 1.62), manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium, fluoride, zinc and other trace elements that affect the entire complex of human body.
Kosino thermal waters provide the general healing effect on the body filling it with all the necessary substances and trace elements.
However, attending Kosino Thermal Complex is not a cheap treat. 3 hours in the complex cost UAH 300, and the ticket for the full day is UAH 700. Guests can stay at the hotel located on the territory of the Thermal Resort Complex, there is also restaurants offering delicious dishes of Hungarian and Ukrainian cuisine. 

Thermal Swimming Pool Zhayvoronok (Skylark)

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Photo: Zhayvoronok web page
Zhayvoronok is one of two existing thermal pools in Berehove and the most modern one. It has 1 indoor pool and Jacuzzi and 2 thermal pools with different temperature outdoors as well as the pool with silicon enriched water (the water is usually colder in this one). The water temperature ranges between +42C to +45C.
You can buy either 2 hours pack and pay for extra time or buy unlimited time during one day which normally costs like 2-2,5 standard 2 hours visits. Also you can buy slippers, rent towels and bathrobes.

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Photo: Zhayvoronok web page
Massage and sauna are the supplementary services. There are 2 cafes (1 indoor, 1 outdoor) where you can order lunch or dinner or buy snacks. Hungarian cuisine restaurant with delicious tradition food and sumptuous portions is just across the street from the main entrance to the Zhayvoronok thermal spa complex.

Zakarpattia Recreational Complex

It offers outdoor 50-meter pool with thermal water. Water’s temperature here varies from 33C to 36 C all year round. Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia) Recreational Resort Complex was opened back in 1967. These days it looks a bit shabby and run down comparing to the other two thermal resorts mentioned above. However, water qualities here are just the same and the prices are much lower. The silicic nitric-carbonated water also has chlorid-sodic qualities, high salinity (32 microelements) and temperature up to +50C. The water is brown in color, because of high Ferum concentration. Similar springs can be found in Iceland (Krýsuvík), Sahalin (Russia) and New Zealand (Wairakei). Thermal water here has high healing qualities and can help with many health problems.

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Photo: Zakarpattya Recreational Complex web page
The smaller pool of the complex is covered with a special clear plastic film in the winter, to create an effect of “Turkish bath”. Autumn and winter are considered to be the best seasons for visiting Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia) Recreational Complex as the temperature of the water here is comparably higher than in other thermal resorts of the region.

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Photo: Zakarpattya Recreational Complex web page
Address: 1, Koryatovicha Square, Berehove city, Zakarpattia Region
Zakarpattia (Transcarpathian) region of Ukraine is a home to the biggest amount of natural hot springs and the best thermal resorts in Ukraine. Since their discovery, the mineral hot springs at Zakarpattia have been revered by many for their naturally healing benefits. The incredibly high mineral content and low sulfur odor ranks these mineral hot springs with the world famous hot springs of New Zealand and Iceland. Come soak away your cares in the best thermal resorts of Ukraine.
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