5 Famous Gyms in Odesa

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Getting fit is one of the most popular summer goals internationally. Many people spend hours in the gym to get the ‘beach body’ before the beach season begins. However, the key in any sports is consistency – even a simple 30-minute work out every day gives better results than grueling but rare gym sessions. Fitness instructors in top Odesa gyms can help to select the optimal physical training as well as a meal plan.

Fitness Stadium

Guy working out with weightsThe largest fitness club in Ukraine, Fitness Stadium is located in the premises of the Chornomorets stadium near the Black Sea coast. The club’s territory makes up more than 5000 square meters with an impressive 25-meter swimming pool. Main gym hall is filled with the cutting-edge equipment, including a separate cardio-zone and weight-stack machines. There are five more halls for all means and purposes: dancehall, martial arts, yoga, cycling, media studio perfect for go-go, and Escape for new functional workouts. Besides, there’s a children’s sports development school where specialists provide extra care for the little ones. The price of 24/7 monthly membership starts at UAH 990.
Address: 1/20, Marazliivska Street

Power Gym

TRX work out in OdesaThis gym located in the center of Odesa is equally suitable for rookies and experienced athletes. Power Gym provides a wide range of treadmills and machines to work on all muscle groups. A separate cardio-zone is available here as well. TRX work out is especially popular here to keep the body toned. Moreover, Power Gym staff believes the right meal plan is just as vital as physical training. That’s why visitors can buy products to gain muscle mass or lose weight on the spot. Monthly membership costs UAH 500. Personal training with a coach starts at UAH 100 per session.
Address: 5, Chervonyi Lane

Yes Fitness Premium

Close up of fitness weight stackYes Fitness has two gyms in Prymorskyi and Kyivskyi districts near the sea coast. The club boasts of the team of professional fitness instructors who regularly upgrade their skills and win spot competitions. Members can choose from two main gym halls, separate cardio and aerobic workout halls. Moreover, Yes Fitness offers not only the usual gym membership to keep fit, but also various programs to restore health after traumas, physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy. Spa and massage are also available for those who want to relax after a grueling workout. The price for 3-month membership starts at UAH 2000 depending on the halls you choose.
Address: 4, Nechypurenka Lane; 59E, Viliamsa Street

Skyfit Club

Girl stretching before cardioSkyfit has four gyms conveniently located in different parts of the city. Personal training here involves everything from vital tips concerning exercises to recommendations on meal plan. For those who simply want to hit the treadmill, main gym hall is opened from 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. daily. Fans of yoga, Pilates, sky jumping, dancing and boxing may apply to the group sessions. Besides, children are welcome to join the kids’ classes of fitness, dancing or boxing. Finally, massage, infrared sauna and tanning beds represent the wellness section of the club. You can apply for a free trial gym session on the Skyfit website. The membership fee starts at UAH 550.
Address: 84A, Dobrovolskoho Street; 68/1, Viliamsa Street; 29, Astashkyna Street; 38, Filatova Street


Dudes boxing in a gymStrekoza belongs to one of the most famous and popular fitness clubs in Odesa thanks to the convenient location of its four gyms. There are more than 20 types of membership plans to meet the guests’ expectations. The basic one is attending the gym hall with numerous machines, weight-stack, cardio and treadmills to keep up with your own training schedule. Those who want fuller experience can book personal sessions with one of the club’s fitness instructors, who know all the intricate details of specific working out programs. Then, group and mini-group training suit those who like yoga, step or Pilates to sweat out the stress of day-to-day life. Finally, the club’s exclusive options are physiotherapy, outdoor programs, boxing and table tennis. The membership price is calculated depending on the hours and membership plan — the calculator on the Strekoza website can help to estimate the number.
Address: 9A, Lydersovskyi Boulevard; 37H, Bocharova Street; 63, Bazarna Street; 11Z, Akademika Hlushkova Avenue

Photo sources: unsplash.com, Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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