Where to Rent a Boat in Kyiv

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Living in a big noisy city, sometimes we all need relaxation in the middle of nature. Luckily, in the Ukrainian capital we have a chance to spend few hours, calmly floating in a boat along the beautiful Dnipro River or one of the lovely Kyiv lakes. So where should we go to experience this pleasure? Our article below tells how and where to rent a boat in Kyiv.

Boat Stations on the Dnipro River

Boat Station in Druzhby Narodiv park

sailboat on river
“4 storony” base, located in Druzhby Narodiv park on the side of Desenka River, offers a whole fleet for rent. Here you can rent boats, catamarans, kayaks, supboards, canoes, rafts and all required equipment. Due to low current, even beginners will be able to ride any floating crafts. The rent costs from UAH 80 to UAH 250 per hour depending on the type of boat you choose. You will have to leave your document for deposit. Here you will also find “Adrenalin” wakeboard base that provides you with a chance to ride wakeboards and water ski, and X-Park complex, offering rides on wakeboards, water scooters and motor boats.
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Boat Station on Obolon embankment

motor boats in river with city on background
Sports club “Natalka”, located in Obolon creek, offers rowboats, catamarans and motor boats for rent. Here you can have a rowboat ride for up to UAH 100 per hour depending on the type of boat and time of the day. If you want to ride a motor boat, you will have to show a special boat driving license. It is recommended to ask about the price for riding motor boats right on the spot. “Natalka” club with its calm waters and beautiful surrounding views is a great place for those who love boating.

Boat Station on Trukhaniv Island

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“Zenit” boat base is situated on Trukhaniv island not far from the Pedestrian bridge. In the Soviet times, it was a training center where sportsmen practiced rowing and canoeing. Nowadays, the base offers boats, canoes and catamarans for rent for price up to UAH 100 per hour. Here you will also find Break Water club where everyone interested can try wakeboarding.
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“Fregat” Club in Hydropark

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The most well-known and the oldest boat station in Kyiv Hydropark on the side of Rusanivsky channel was opened in 1967; it operates till now. Here clients can rent boats and catamarans (from UAH 60 per hour) and motor boats (UAH 800). To rent a floating craft, you will have to leave your document as a deposit. “Fregat” club gives a chance for an exciting ride along the picturesque creeks where you can see ducks, herons, beavers and turtles in natural surroundings. Besides, you can rent a kayak in Hydropark right near Venetian bridge.

Boat stations on lakes

Boat station on Verbne lake

boats on lake near pierce
This is one of the deepest (22 m) and cleanest lakes in the Dnipro River aquatic area, having its water source in cold underground springs. You will be impressed by the beauty of this place. In the beginning of season, you can see fish flowing in the water; after June, Verbne lake gets covered with algae. Here you can rent a boat or a catamaran for approximately UAH 60 per hour.

Boat station on Telbyn lake

Telbyn lake, one of the largest lakes in Ukrainian capital, has a boat station where you can rent a boat or a catamaran for around UAH 60 per hour. The station also offers luggage lockers, so you can keep there your valuable belongings while enjoying your ride.

Boat station in Golosiyivsky park

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Golosiyivsky park is well-known for its beautiful cascade of four ponds. The boat station is located on the fourth pond. Here you can rent a boat or a catamaran and take a relaxing ride, feeding ducks and enjoying wonderful beauty of the surrounding forest. Take your passport – it will be required for a deposit. The prices in Golosiyivsky park boat station are a little higher than in other similar stations in the city.

Boat station in Nivki park

The pond in Nivki park is also a good place for a calm boat ride in the heart of the city. Here you will be offered boats and catamarans for UAH 50 per hour. Please note that on weekends this boat station has many visitors, so you are likely to have to wait in a line.
A boat ride in Kyiv is one of the greatest ways to refresh your mind and to enjoy picturesque riverside and lake views. Have fun!
Photo source: unsplash.com, SAKHATSKYI IHOR/Shutterstock.com. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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