Best Music Albums to Work Out for Men and Women

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Have you ever noticed that working out while listening to energizing music is much more pleasant and efficient? Of course, you have. Let`s check out the best music albums that will rapidly boost sports achievements of both ladies and gentlemen.

The Qemists “Warrior Sound”

If you are thinking about which band to pick for your playlist to start you training, check out The Qemists — drum & bass band from Great Britain. Though the band plays electronic melodies, the origins of its style lie in rock music, so as the result we can hear the unique drum & bass and rock combinations that sounds very similar to the famous Pendulum band. The latest album of the band, “Warrior Sound”, will surely impress any sportsman with its wild energy and power. This music guarantees to improve your performance on the running track.
Year: 2016
Genre: DNB, Electronic rock
Key songs: Jungle, Anger, No More

All that Remains “Madness”

All That Remains are the veterans of metalcore genre, founded in 1998 in Boston – the homeland of many popular rock artists. Nowadays, this band is one of the leaders of melodic metalcore scene. The songs of the band were used in “Jigsaw 3” horror movie soundtrack and in the popular “Guitar Hero 2” game. “Madness”, the eights studio album in All That Remains discography, unites energizing heavy sound with beautiful tunefullness. With this album in the headphones, your weightlifting success will easily get to the new level.
Year: 2017
Genre: Metalcore/Industrial metal
Key songs: Safe House, Louder, Never Sorry

Rammstein “Mutter”

And now let`s turn to the classics. No doubt that this famous album of German rock superstars Rammstein is the favorite workout soundtrack for thousands of people around the world. Simple rhythm, heavy industrial sound, catchy melodies and exceptionally powerful energy – this is just perfect for the most effective sports trainings. Listening to such unforgettable hits as “Mein Herz Brennt” or “Ich Will” you will not even notice how you begin to lift much heavier weights that you used to!
Year: 2001
Genre: Industrial metal, symphonic metal
Key songs: Mein Herz Brennt, Ich Will, Feuer Frei

Adam Lambert “The Original High”

Charming ladies surely need light and melodic, but yet rhythmic and energizing music for their cardio exercises on running track or elliptical trainer. The songs by well-known American singer Adam Lambert meet all these requirements. Adam Lambert, born in California, is famous for winning American Idol reality show in 2009 and for his cooperation with the eminent Queen band. His beautiful voice and dynamic melodies will surely motivate you to perform well, creating an excellent background for a training.
Year: 2015
Genre: Pop, Synth Pop, EDM
Key songs: Ghost Town, Evil in The Night, The Light

M.I.A. “AIM”

When it comes to weight training, women want to hear powerful and motivating sound not less than any man does. Female athletes might prefer lighter music than heavy metal, but for sure they still need vivid vibes and some ginger in their workout playlist. We recommend ladies to download the album of M.I.A. – the British singer of Tamil origin. Her songs, uniting such genres as rhythm and blues, hip hop, trip hop, electro and indie rock will provide appropriate mood and high desire to achieve the best sports results.
Year: 2016
Genre: Dance pop, Rap, Hip-Hop
Key songs: Borders, All My People, Swords

Deep Forest “Evo Devo”

Many women and girls who do sports like to finish their workout with stretching or yoga session. It perfectly helps to refresh mind and to relax body that has just underwent the stress of an intense workout. For this case, better to choose soft songs that help to dive into the ambience of harmony and calmness. Our choice for the last phase of workout is Deep Forest – the well-known French duo creating music in the genres of ethno electronic and chillout. The musicians call their unusual style “the world music”. Their album “Evo Devo” with its peaceful melodies and smooth slow beats will become the excellent finishing chord of your sports session.
Year: 2016
Genre: Indie, ambient, chillout
Key songs: Simply Done, Somewhere, Sing with The Birds
We hope that these melodies will help you become the queens and kings of fitness. Enjoy your time in gym!

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