Skiing Locations in and near Kyiv: Winter 2018-2019

Man skiing on snow

Winter 2018 is abundant with snow in all regions of Ukraine. Luckily, going to Bukovel isn't necessary to enjoy skiing - there are several locations in Kyiv and the suburbs where you can rent the skis and enjoy the slopes. The locations welcome snowboarders as well.

Protasiv Yar

Snowboarder at Protasiv Yar in KyivThe skiing complex Protasiv Yar is located not far from the center of Kyiv. It's one of the most popular skiing locations in Kyiv, opened way back in 1998. Protasiv Yar is well-equipped and regularly hosts training sessions of Ukrainian skiing and snowboarding Olympic teams. The complex has four tracks: 150 meters for kids, 275 meters for rookies, 500 meters for amateurs and a certified 350-meter track for sportsmen and experienced amateurs.

In 2018-2019, 6 hours on the territory of Protasiv Yar cost UAH 80 on Mon-Fri and UAH 100 on Sat-Sun and holidays. A single use of the ski lifts, both the small and the big ones, costs UAH 20 on Mon-Fri and UAH 35 on weekends and holidays. As for the equipment rental, in the 2017-2018 season the full kit (skis, poles, shoes, and fastening) for adults cost UAH 200 per day. The same kit for kids cost UAH 130.

Protasiv Yar is also popular with snowboarders - you can rent snowboarding equipment on spot. Every Friday night, the complex hosts a night skiing from з 11.30 P.M. to 4 A.M. The unlimited night skiing session costs UAH 300. The detailed information is available at

Address: 23A, Protasiv Yar Street

Goloseev Ski Park

Mom and kid at Goloseev Ski ParkGoloseev Ski Park lies not far from Holosiievo metro station. The complex is also prepared to host visitors with cars - the parking lot has 300 spots. Goloseev Ski Park is known for the longest 500-meter track with a ski lift in Kyiv. The complex uses Ski-pass: after paying a safety deposit UAH 20 and a chosen tariff, visitors can enjoy unlimited usage of the ski lift.

To give an idea, a 2-hour pass costs UAH 200 on Mon-Fri and UAH 300 on weekends and holidays. On Friday and Saturday nights (11 P.M. - 5 A.M.) Goloseev Ski Park hosts night skiing sessions. The pass costs UAH 300. Goloseev Ski Park also offers equipment rental. The standard skiing and snowboarding kits cost UAH 200 for 4 hours. Snowboarding equipment for kids costs UAH 160. You can find more information about the prices at

Address: 8, Henerala Rodymtseva Street


Snow slopes at Gvozdoff complex near KyivGvozdoff hotel complex is located in the same-named Hvosdiv village in Kyiv suburbs. The complex is well-known for its skiing tracks and is one of the most popular out-of-the-city skiing and snowboarding locations in Kyiv. In 2018, Gvozdoff opened a new 280-meter track in addition to its main slope.

The artificial snowmaking system allows visitors to enjoy the winter sports regardless of the weather. Two tows are available here as well. As for the prices, on Mon-Fri the 2-hour ski-pass costs UAH 250. On weekends and holidays, 1 usage of a ski lift costs UAH 40 for adults and UAH 25 for kids.

Equipment rental is available in Gvozdoff as well. For instance, renting skis and poles together costs UAH 260 for the first three hours. The skiing complex works from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. on Mon-Fri and from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. on weekends and holidays. You can find more information on

Address: Hvozdiv village, 30, Yarova Street


Slopes at VyshHora ski resortVyshHora ski resort is located in Vyshorod, about 25-minute drive from downtown Kyiv. The area of the complex overlooks the magnificent artificial Kyiv sea. VyshHora is equipped with a 200-meter track, which is suitable for beginners and experienced skiers. A ski school for children and beginners, as well as a cafe, are available on the territory of the complex.

The prices for 2018-2019 vary depending on the weekday and time of the day. For instance, a 2-hour pass on Mon-Fri costs UAH 100 until 4 P.M. and UAH 150 after 4 P.M. On weekends, holidays and the high season period from 30.12.2018 until 14.01.2019, a 2-hour pass costs UAH 200. The admission to the snow area costs UAH 40 per 6 hours on Mon-Fri and UAH 50 on weekends and holidays.

VyshHora offers rental equipment. A full skiing kit costs UAH 120 per hour for adults and UAH 100 for kids. As for a snowboarding kit, it is available only for adults and costs UAH 120 per hour. You can find more information at

Address: Vyshorod village, 102, Vatutina Street

Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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