Thermal Waters in Berehove Review

Thermal Waters in Berehove Review

Thermal waters is a general name for underground waters with temperature 20°С and higher. The curative properties of thermal waters are well-known from the times of Roman Empire, when the most of public bathes were located on hot springs. Berehove is the only region of Zakarpattya in Ukraine, abundant in springs with hot mineral water. Our review of thermal waters in Berehove will help you to find the best place for a healing and relaxing thermal bath.

Zhayvoronok Complex
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Zhayvoronok (“Lark”) complex was opened in 2011 as a part of restaurant and hotel center. The complex offers roofed pool with temperature 31-33°C, where visitors can find hydromassage, geyser, two waterfalls and comfortable Jacuzzi (temperature is 25 °C). In 2013, an open-air beach was arranged on the complex territory. The beach includes three swimming pools: for children, for grown-ups and one of the largest pools of the complex with fresh water. Visit to the beach as well as chaise lounges are included in the price of entrance ticket. The additional services of Zhayvoronok complex include hotel, restaurant, salt spa therapy room, massage room, beauty salon and winery tasting room. The complex is appreciated by guests for its high-quality service and comfort.
Address: 112, Shevchenko street, Beregovo town, Zakarpattya region
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“Zakarpattya” recreation and sport camp
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The services of “Zakarpattya” recreation and sport camp may be not so luxury as in Zhayvoronok complex (infrastructure of “Zakarpattya” has not changed significantly from Soviet times), but the water here is famous for its perfect quality and healing properties. The temperature of thermal water in the pool is around 36°C. The mineral-rich water of “Zakarpattya”is used for curing diseases of locomotion system, nervous system, skin and other. The visitors are also offered hotel, restaurant and sauna for reasonable prices.
Address: 1, Koryatovycha street, Beregovo town, Zakarpattya region
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“Kosyno Thermal Waters” complex

Kosyno is a modern recreational family complex, located in the old oak grove. The guests of the complex can enjoy healing effect of thermal and fresh waters in seven pools, relax in a comfortable room of “Iváncsó Birtok” hotel, taste traditional meals of Ukrainian, Hungarian and Italian cuisines in “Charda” restaurant. The guests can also try unique royal sauna, Kneipp bath, massage, go to gym and do many other interesting and healthy activities. Kosyno Thermal Waters complex is a good place to feel pleasure and improve health at the same time.
Address: 1, Urochyshe, Koson` village, Zakarpattya region
“Tepli Vody” complex

Tepli Vody (“Warm waters”) complex is located in Velyatyno village near a hot spring. The water here is drawn from the depth of 1 kilometer. The complex consists of doctor`s room and seven bathes inside and two pools, few barrels with thermal water and two pools with fresh water outside. Thermal water of the complex helps to cure diseases related to bones, nervous and endocrine systems, respiratory organs. The waters of Tepli Vody are also useful in case of osteochondrosis, arthritis and other illnesses. The complex impresses with European quality services and large territory. Visitors can rent a nice apartment and have dinner in “Smachna Kukhnia” restaurant.
Address: 2, Sanatorna street, Velyatyno village, Zakarpattya region
Strengthen your health visiting thermal waters in Berehove.
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