Tips to Protect Your Health in Cold Weather

Tips to Protect Your Health in Cold Weather

In cold short winter days, many of us prefer to stay at home under thick blanket instead of spending time outside. Yes, we all know: low temperatures, freezing wind and deep snow bring lots of danger such as catching chill or hypothermia… But forewarned is forearmed! Using these simple tips, you will always feel energetic and healthy during cold months. Let`s take winter not as a peak time of flue, but as a snowy magical fairy tale full of fun!

Wear Warm Clothes
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Wearing warm clothes is the easiest way to save yourself from cold in winter. Warm multilayer clothes, for example, sweaters, caps, gloves, socks, scarves and coats, will preserve natural warmth of your body. You may prefer bright or more sober colors according to your own unique style and current mood. Choosing special thermal underwear is also a right decision, but you should check properly which material it is made of. Good thermal underwear has to be made of at least 20% of wool. Remember that synthetic materials such viscose and elastane will never make you feel as warm and comfortable as natural wool.
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Choose Appropriate Diet
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There are many dishes that will help you to keep warm and happy during winter season. Choose hot and nutritious meals, such as bean or meat soup, broth or boiled potatoes with vegetables. You may use special warming spices – pepper, chili, ginger and cinnamon added to your dishes will ensure good health and metabolism. Do not forget to please yourself with delicious hot drinks – herbal tea, coffee, cocoa, mulled wine. Also remember that in wintertime we need to drink much water, because cold provokes excessive dehydration that may decrease strength of immune system. You may also consider taking food supplements – vitamins A, C, and D-3, omega 3 and zinc will support your immunity and increase energy level.
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Do Physical Activity
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Doing sports is essential not only during hot summertime. Many people find exercising outside in winter quite challenging, but anyway you may meet enthusiasts running in the morning through snowy parks. However, if you are not one of them, you also have lots of interesting options. You can buy a ticket to local sports club and visit gym, go to yoga or fitness, box or dancing classes – there is something for everyone`s taste. If you prefer to do sports at home, you can always exercise on your own as well. All you need is a minimum of equipment (weights and mat), a video training (or a personal program kept in your mind) and a bottle of water. It is recommended to exercise not less than 2 hours per week – it is a minimum needed to stay in shape. Do not ignore traditional winter amusements – go for a walk in a sunny snowy day, ride a sledge or go to ice skating rink.
Air Your Room
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Pay attention to quality of air in your room during winter period. In summertime, people always open windows because it`s too hot, but many don`t do it often in cold times, wishing to keep warmth inside an apartment. But remember that sluggish air may cause excessive humidity and aerial contamination that leads to bacterial growth and development of such diseases as asthma. In order to avoid these problems, open your windows every day, use hoods in kitchen and bathroom to regulate humidity in process of cooking food and taking shower. You may also use special air cleaners that will keep air in your room fresh and will control air flows circulation.
Take Care of Your Body
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Massage, sauna and various SPA treatments are not only a great way to decrease stress and improve your mood, but also an effective method for supporting immune system and fighting stress. Do not forget to moisten your skin daily – it is essential to do this during winter because of cold weather outside and dry air inside apartments. A good moistening cream will prevent your skin from excessive dryness, wrinkles and aging. Keeping to an effective sleeping regime is also an important point. In winter, we usually need a little more rest to renew our energy: while in summer you will feel fresh after sleeping 7-8 hours, in winter it is more preferable to spend in bed 8-9 hours. Give up unhealthy habits, especially smoking. We all know that smokers suffer the most from cough and other unpleasant symptoms of flue.
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If you are sensitive to weather, and winter freeze is a real stress for you, a good relaxation must be on the top of your priorities listing. There are numerous things that will help you to feel comfortable and relaxed – for example, reading a good book, communicating with your pet, doing hobby, taking a good bath, doing yoga… The list is almost endless, so choose some options you like and enjoy your time. Remember that chronic stress and lack of sleep weaken your immunity, so always pay appropriate attention to deep relaxation of your body and mind.
What to Do in Case of Hypothermia
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Even if we take good care of ourselves, each of us may face an unexpected emergency situation in this unpredictable life. For an unfavorable case when you have to deal with hypothermia, you should learn the following information. Hypothermia may occur not only at extremely low temperature – even +7 C can be enough. The key reasons causing hypothermia are the period of time spent outside, high humidity and overall condition of a person`s health. Strong wind, tight and wet shoes, metal jewelry, heavy weights that constrict blood vessels are also on the list of danger factors. If body temperature decreases to 34 C, warming up in an apartment and drinking something hot will be enough, but if temperature is lower than this point, a person needs to be immediately taken to hospital. Remember that body temperature below 28 C means that a person`s life is in danger. There are also some particular actions that must be avoided in the case of hypothermia. Do not smear skin with snow, also do not place damaged limbs into hot water or near heater. Put on a heat insulating bondage made of warming material and call for a doctor. Note: to avoid cases of hypothermia, it is highly recommended to avoid long-distance trips in chilly weather. If you cannot postpone your trip, at least make sure that you have enough warm clothes, a thermos with hot drink (non-alcoholic!) and a fully charged mobile phone.
Using these tips based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine you can protect your health in cold weather and feel strength and harmony even in the most severe winter days.
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