Top-10 Cardiac Surgery Clinics in Ukraine

Top-10 Cardiac Surgery Clinics in Ukraine

"Trust your heart", "Your heart knows the truth"...It is mentioned in the popular sayings so often there is no doubt left: heart has been one of the central images since the dawn of culture. Moreover, it is a crucially important organ. People often give it no attention until it starts to misbehave. At times like this, only the help of the best specialists could help. Let's have a look at the list of the best Ukrainian clinics of cardiac surgery.

Kyiv City Heart Center
cardiac one

Also called Heart Institute, it was opened in 2007 and steadily appeared at the top of Ukrainian cardiosurgeries. Experienced doctors provide therapy for congenital heart defects of infants, as well as severe angina and hypertension treatment. As for surgery, the list includes but isn't limited to stent insertion into coronary arteries, coronary artery bypass grafting, plastic and valve prosthetics installation, heart transplantation. Heart Center has 5 modern operating rooms, 4 laboratories of angiography, advanced medical and diagnostic equipment. More than 5,000 operations to eliminate heart defects, coronary artery stenting, and various aortocoronary shunting are performed here annually.
Address: 5A, Bratyslavska street, Kyiv
Amosov Heart Institute
cardiac four

Mykola Amosov was a true pioneer in cardiology not only in Ukraine, but in the world as well. He created the anti-thrombotic heart valves prosthesis, original model of heart-lung machine, and developed new methods of surgical treatment of heart lesions. Over 50 years of the Institute's work, more than 150,000 heart operations were conducted here. Hospitalization and consultation are provided in such spheres as congenital heart disease, acquired heart defects, cardiac ischemia, heart rhythm disturbances, infective endocarditis, abnormality of the thoracic aorta, pathology of the myocardium.
Address: 6, Mykoly Amosova street, Kyiv
cardiac two

Medical network Dobrobut was opened in 2001 and ever since had been engaged in providing quality services in all branches of modern medicine. It is not only one of the first private network of medical centers in Ukraine, but also one of the largest. About 400 doctors of various specialties work in Kyiv and care for the patients not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, accompanying patients for treatment abroad and taking part in organizing this process. As for cardiologists, Dobrobut performs one of the best heart surgeries in Ukraine. This direction has its own branch with a cardiac recovery unit.
Address: 3, Mishina (Simi Idzykovskykh) street, Kyiv
cardiac three

Boris is a multidisciplinary clinic of the highest level of accreditation. It is also one of the largest medical centers in Ukraine, which provides medical services at the highest level. The clinic was founded in Kyiv more than 20 years ago; it is among the first private clinics in the country. Before surgery, patients undergo all necessary clinical examinations in the diagnostic center, which is stocked with the latest cutting-edge equipment. In addition to surgical and therapeutic wards, medical center Boris has a separate cardiology department where you can receive consultations and have regular checkups.
Address: 55A, Velyka Vasylkivska street12A, Mykoly Bazhana avenue, Kyiv
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American Medical Center
cardiac eight

American Medical Center is part of the medical network, founded by the American Hospital Corporation International Ltd. The first department of the branch was opened in Kyiv in 1996. The American Medical Center employs both Ukrainian and Western doctors who have qualification proof in the US and Europe, international level of education and work experience abroad. The staff of the clinic is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian, which is convenient for foreigners. All facilities in Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv operate according to the international standards and protocols of patient treatment and provide a range of consultations, as well perform surgeries.
Address: 1, Berdychivska street, Kyiv3, Bohomoltsa street, Lviv2, Frantsuz'ky Bulvar street, Odesa
Child Cardiology and Cardiosurgery Center
cardiac five

This center with more than 20 years of experience is among the top cardiac surgery clinics in Ukraine. Apart from the pediatric cardiosurgery, here patients can receive consultation and diagnostics. Nowadays the Center successfully conducts all known heart operations: arterial switch, Ross, AV communication and others. In addition, plastic surgery is performed on valves for older children without the use of synthetic materials. Staff has accumulated a unique experience of pre- and post-operative intensive care for newborns. Rehabilitation care for children with congenital heart and vascular defects is also available here. Moreover, Center has a rapidly growing department of adult cardiology too.
Address: 28/1, Viacheslava Chornovola street, Kyiv
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cardiac seven

Triomed medical center in Lviv has vast experience in the diagnosis and therapy of pathological abnormalities in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, brain and nerve endings, as well as in the treatment of rheumatologic and hematologic diseases. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology and auxiliary medical supplies. All employees here are highly qualified specialists, including cardiologists and vascular surgeons, neurologists and others. Apart from the surgery, here you can complete ECG-diagnostics of heart, as well as various lab tests that may be prescribed by a doctor.
Address: 43A, Kostia Levytskoho street, Lviv
Lviv Interregional Cardiosurgery Center
cardiac nine

Another clinic in the West of Ukraine, this center is based on the territory of Lviv National Medical University. The main specialist of the center, cardiothoracic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences Lyubomir Vladimirovich Kulik, conducts the most complicated surgical procedures and is one of the best cardiosurgeons in Ukraine. The center conducts treatment of the following pathologies: different forms of coronary heart disease, heart diseases (such as diseases of the heart valves), aneurysm of the thoracic aorta, vitally threatening rhythm and conduction abnormalities which require the implantation of an artificial cardial pacemaker.
Address: 69, Pekarska street, Lviv
Odesa Regional Center of Cardiac Surgery
cardiac ten

The center is created on the basis of the Odesa Regional Clinical Hospital and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of severe heart pathologies. The main direction of the department's activity is conducting heavy diagnostic researches in coronary heart disease, acquired and congenital heart defects, treatment of arterial hypertension and peripheral vessels diseases. Staff here provides 24/7 assistance to patients with various cardiovascular disorders. More than 3000 diagnostic investigations and 1000 surgical interventions on cardiac arteries and congenital malformations have been performed in this center.
Address: 26, Akademika Zabolotnoho street, Odesa
Saint Katherine Cardiology Clinic
cardiac six

The clinic is located in Odesa, but is known far beyond the city as one of the best places of Ukrainian heart surgery. The clinic specializes on early detection of the cardiovascular system diseases. All doctors here have been working abroad and adhere to international standards. Modern equipment allows conducting the following surgeries: balloon angioplasty, stenting, cardiosurgery via minimal incision. All surgical procedures are performed with local anesthesia and under X-ray control.
Address: 3, Valikhovs'kyi lane, Odesa
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The easiest disease treatment is prevention – that's what doctors often say to their patients. It is true not only for wide-spread illnesses like cold or flu, but also for the work of the crucial organs, like brain or heart. Even a simple consultation for advice with a cardiologist will be beneficial for your health.
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