Top 10 Reproductive Health Clinics in Ukraine

Top 10 Reproductive Health Clinics in Ukraine

Most of people are planning to become happy parents when the right time comes. Of course, to create a new life, both man and woman need to have a completely healthy reproductive system. However, this system is a fine and complicated mechanism that unfortunately does not work like a charm at times. Nowadays, when a family faces problems of such kind, they lay big hopes on reproductive medicine. Check out top 10 reproductive health clinics in Ukraine, where qualified professionals help their clients to experience the wonder of parenthood.

Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Kyiv
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In 1992, Fedor Dakhno founded Dakhno Laboratory, which became one of the first institutions in Ukraine specialized on infertility issues. By the time of the laboratory establishment, the doctor had been working in the field of reproductive medicine for few decades already. In 1994, Dakhno Laboratory expanded and turned into the Institute of Reproductive Medicine. Since that time, the Institute has been dealing with numerous infertility cases of any complexity. Being a reputable fertility clinic in Ukraine, the Institute of Reproductive Medicine is highly appreciated by grateful clients both from Ukraine and abroad.
Address: 1, Bagovvutivska street, Kyiv
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IGR Medical Center (Institute of Genetic Reproduction) in Kyiv
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IGR medical center is a modern medical complex dealing with diagnostics and treatment of all kinds of infertility. Modern methods of assisted reproduction, used in the center, ensure pregnancy in almost all cases of male and female infertility. The laboratory works with high-quality equipment from Japan, the USA and Great Britain. All specialists of IGR reproductive health care medical center have field-specific education and significant practical experience.
Address: 121b, Pobedy avenue, Kyiv
Rodynne Dzherelo Center in Kyiv
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Rodynne Dzherelo (“Family Source”) medical center efficiently helps men and women with reproductive system issues. This fertility clinic in Kyiv offers all types of diagnostics tests and assisted reproduction methods such as IVF, ICSI, IUI and preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryo. The specialists of Rodynne Dzherelo use only the most modern and reliable equipment and find individual approach to every client.
Address: 31/33, Kudriavska street, Kyiv
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Ilaya Fertility Clinic in Kyiv
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Ilaya clinic in Kyiv, opened in 2012, provides high-quality medical service to Ukrainian as well as foreign clients. Reproductive medicine department of the clinic offers consulting of gynecologists, fertility specialists, embryologist, andrologist. The clients can choose various methods of male and female infertility diagnostics and treatment, IVF, IUI, cryo-cycles. The patients of Ilaya are also offered special programs purposed for preserving of reproductive health for individuals and couples.
Address: 9, Ivana Kramskogo street, Kyiv
Nadiya Reproductive Clinic in Kyiv
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The key specialists of this well-known Kyiv reproductive health clinic have been working in the field of reproductive medicine for 10-15 years. The doctors of Nadiya (“Hope”) offer efficient medical services provided with help of the modern methods of assisted reproduction technologies, prenatal diagnosis and attentive approach to patients. In Nadiya, couples that wish to have a baby can receive appropriate consulting, undergo necessary tests, get an individual treatment and medical support of an embryo.
Address: 19a, Maxima Kryvonosa street, Kyiv
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Isida Fertility Clinic in Kyiv
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Isida is a complex obstetric-gynecologic clinic in Kyiv, uniting in-patient department and three outpatient centers. The clinic was established as an infertility treatment center, and became one of the first clinics in Ukraine that implemented associated reproduction technologies, giving hope of having a baby to fertility-challenged couples. The clinic is notable not only for significant experience of its doctors, but also for its increased focus on factors of male infertility.
Address: 13a, Kruglouniversitetska street, Kyiv
ICSI Clinic in Kyiv
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ICSI is a reproductive clinic in Kyiv, offering its patients full range of services in the field of reproduction health and family planning. The clinic carries out diagnostics and medical treatment of all kinds of infertility. This is the first clinic in Ukraine where ICSI, ICSI+TESA and preimplantation genetic diagnosis methods have been used. With the help of ICSI professionals, more than 7 000 babies have been born already.
Address: 17, Lobannovskogo avenue, Kyiv
Remedy Clinic in Odesa
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Remedy is one of the best reproductive clinics in Odesa. The doctors and embryologists of the clinic are the members of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Remedy clinic specialists use only the most reliable methods of diagnostics and treatment of infertility, approved by World Health Organization and ESHRE. The clinic provides services of infertility treatment, surrogacy and many other.
Address: 130a, Kanatna street, Odesa
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Lada Clinic in Odesa
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Lada fertility clinic in Odesa, established in 2009, is named after Slavic goddess of love, family and fecundity, which truly reflects the purpose of clinic`s work. Lada offers full range of medical services related to infertility, including diagnosis and treatment. The clinic can boast the highest quality of equipment and technologies as well as high qualification and significant experience of doctors. The clients are offered such services as IVF, ICSI, PICSI, TESA, TESE, IUI, donor programs, cryo programs, surrogacy.
Address: 19d, Seredniofontanska street, Odesa
Gameta Clinic in Odesa
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The clients appreciate Gameta reproductive clinic in Odesa for the most modern equipment and methods, comfortable conditions and friendly staff. Highly qualified doctors of the clinic find individual approach to each couple in order to help them to become parents as soon as possible. Gameta clinic offers many reproduction-related medical services – IUI, IVF, ICSI, donor programs and many other.
Address: 3a, Slepniova lane, Odesa
Alternatyva Fertility Clinic in Lviv
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Alternatyva reproductive health clinic in Lviv offers wide range of medical services related to male and female reproductive health. The clinic is well-known for high qualification of doctors: 40% of clinic personnel have academic degrees and is involved in scientific research. The list of the most popular services includes such options as different assisted reproduction methods (IUI, ICSI, PICSI, TESA, IVF), cryopreservation and other.
Address: 73, Geroyiv UPA street, Lviv
Enjoy the happiness of being a parent with top 10 reproductive health clinics in Ukraine.
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