Top 5 Eye Clinics in Lviv

Top 5 Eye Clinics in Lviv

Health issues and medical check-ups are things in life we can hardly afford to postpone. In fact, prevention is the best disease treatment, as often told by doctors of all specialities. This especially concerns eyesight, as in the era of tech devices which we can't let go from dawn to dusk, our eyes are the ones that pay the price. “Destinations” gathered together the best eye clinics in Lviv where you can consult and get efficient treatment.

Laser Plus
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Laser Plus is an ophthalmologic medical center that helps to keep healthy eyesight of adults and children. All doctors at the center have dealt with various cases in their experience, and regularly complete advanced training courses, which makes Laser Plus one of the top clinics for eyes in Lviv. Here you can apply for diagnostics of general spectrum of eye diseases, treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, age-old macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, various diseases of retina, as well as myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and childhood ophthalmic diseases. Naturally, all patients receive professional treatment by the clinic staff, as well as detailed answers to all possible questions that might be of interest concerning treatment plan, surgery or post-surgical treatment.
Address: 9, Ivana Mykolaichuka street
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Medicover clinic provides treatment for adults and children, ensuring the precise diagnosis and complete safety of each treatment step. The clinic has its own diagnostic laboratory, which has been certified by the State Standard of Ukraine. Thus, it provides unique and even rare studies for Lviv and the Western region. Medicover in Lviv functions as a polyclinic and a high-tech surgery, which specialists have been the first to deal with the laparoscopic block. It is the only clininc in Western Ukraine, designed according to the principle of ergonomics of modern European surgery. Laparoscopic block has FULL HD cameras, the latest surgical instruments, and the entire range of electrical and ultrasound scalpels of recent technical developments. Medicover ensures the patient is cared at each stage of treatment, provides 24/7 surveillance; and guarantees the safety for all patients, including infants, as child eye surgery is one of the specialities of the center.
Address: 102, Antonovycha street
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Anatolii Sovva Eyesight Restoration Center
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This center is among the top eye clinics in Lviv, as well as the whole Western Ukraine. The Lviv Branch of Anatolii Sovva Eyesight Restoration Center offers a full range of modern ophthalmologic services. The initial consultation is carried out by experienced specialists who provide qualified medical assistance, informing patients about innovative treatment technologies. The center is equipped with the cutting-edge technology for diagnostics and surgical treatment. Here you can complete computer diagnostics of the eye, get prescription for glasses or contact lenses, receive treatment of myopia, cataract, astigmatism, as well as laser treatment for various purposes. Clinical monitoring is available for patients with farsightedness, short-sightedness, diabetic retinopathy, astigmatism, glaucoma, and maculopathy. Address: 20, Yuriya Lypy street
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The multi-profile surgical clinic Estelle has been operating for more than 16 years. The specialists of the clinic actively cooperate with their Austrian and German colleagues, and regularly take part in international and Ukrainian science conferences. The facility is equipped with the latest medical equipment. Here you can receive the full spectrum of services, starting with a simple consultation of an ophthalmologist and a visual field test, as well as serious surgical and laser treatment of cataracts, ophthalmoscopy of the fundus, contactless measurement of intraocular pressure, chalazion removal and biomicroscopy of the fundus.
Address: 54, Lypynskoho street
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This is one of the most well-known eye centers in Lviv, as well as surrounding cities in the Western Ukraine. Vizex specializes primarily in eye surgery, as the main surgeon of the clinic, Andriy Hudz, has performed more than 30 thousand successful surgeries. You can also apply here for advanced diagnostics, comprehensive eye care and vision technology. The clinic staff includes five general ophthalmologists, three surgeons, and a retina specialist. Vizex assures that doctors answer all questions the patients might have concerning their health, treatment methodic, and provide pre- and post-operative evaluations. The list of treatment includes but isn't limited to: routine and emergency eye examinations, diabetes screening, cataract surgery, medical and surgical management of glaucoma, as well as laser treatment of retinal diseases.
Address: 96B, Naukova street
Experienced specialists, that calmly and authoritatively answer all your questions concerning eye treatment and prevention of diseases are often hard to find, but with the list of top clinics, this quest may be completed easily.
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