Where to Attend Self-Defense Courses in Kyiv

Where to Attend Self-Defense Courses in Kyiv

Life is unpredictable, so we’d better be prepared for everything that it brings – both good and bad. If we find ourselves in a situation that is far from safe, it is much better to feel self-confident and secure than lost and unprotected. Attending a good class of self-defense and martial arts can surely help with this; besides, it benefits to health of our body & mind. Let`s see where to attend effective self-defense courses in Kyiv.

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Alexander Goland, the founder of Goland Martial Arts studio, is an author of a new modern martial arts technique – he even owns the official rights for it in “New concept in martial arts” category. His method describes “speed fight to kill”, which is not just an ordinary hand-to-hand fight or self-defense technique, but a mix of numerous actions and combinations that allow gaining victory over an enemy in few seconds without even getting involved into a serious struggle. Alexander Goland promises that one is able to learn this unique method in the shortest terms. This efficient self-defense course is a good choice for any person with average level of physical development.
Адрес: 7, Georgiyevsky lane
Website: https://www.facebook.com/golandmartialarts/
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Irbis Martial Arts Club
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On the trainings offered by this club, disciples learn effective self-defense holds, striking and throwing techniques that can be easily done in the course of a street fight. Here you will get to know everything about submission locks and powerful punches to tender points, so you will be able to protect yourself in any uncommon situation. Due to the growing demand, the club trainers have developed special female self-defense courses to save women from the role of a helpless victim in the case of a sudden attack. Irbis coaches also pay much attention to appropriate psychological preparation of their disciples.
Адрес: 6a, Larisy Rudenko street
Website: http://sc-irbis.com/
Ashihara Karate
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This is not just a regular karate section, but a group of like-minded people united by philosophy of Hideyuki Ashihara school. After completing the course, disciples get Ashihara karate belt (IAKA). The program of the course is based on applied close fight and techniques used in special forces units. This course includes striking techniques, street fighting, punching tender points, usage of expedient and special means (yawara, nunchaku and other), knife fighting, learning what to do under the attack with cold and fire weapons, psychological exercises, exercises for recovery after significant body burdens. The client can choose individual program according to his/her needs.
Address: training locations are specified individually.
Website: http://ashihara.kiev.ua/
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Krav Maga
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Krav Maga is a well-known close fight and self-defense system based on the methods of Israel army soldiers. Ukrainian Krav Maga federation welcomes men, women and even kids to learn how to avoid conflict or how to protect themselves if a conflict is unavoidable. Krav Maga methods do not include excessive philosophy and rules – the main focus is made on life protection. The clients are offered theoretical and practical seminars, where they learn to use weapons, to apply first aid and simply to survive. The most trainings do not require having basic background. Attending Krav Maga courses, you will learn to react to a danger within the law limits, to protect yourself in personal and public transport, to be psychologically stable and to control your stress, to stay safe in a crowd, to act correctly in the case of kidnapping and many other.
Address: training locations are specified individually.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/kravmaga.kiev/
“Harmony of Free Fight” Martial Arts
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“Harmony of Free Fight” school offers methods that allow getting victory not only on a ring, but also in the real life. The trainers and disciples of this school often play different scenes that imitate real life situations so that all participants can feel true adrenaline and test their skills. Those who succeed in these scenes are welcome to take part in improvisation fights where members do not coordinate their roles in advance. Such kind of fight help to achieve brilliant skills and reaction. Clients can also take part in close fights without almost any limits (of course, agreed by all members). The school offers free hand-to-hand fight including striking and wrestling techniques, fight with weapons, civil defense courses for men, female self-defense, hand-to-hand fight courses for children.
Address: 2v, Bogatyrska street
Website: http://www.gsb.kiev.ua/
Feel safe and strong, learning new skills at the best self-defense schools in Kyiv.
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