Where to Snowboard in Ukraine

Where to Snowboard in Ukraine

Winter is coming, so heavy snow and low temperatures are just around the corner. Many people prefer to hide at home in these months, but there are also many active enthusiasts, who take winter as a chance to do their favorite extreme sports. Snowboarding is one of the most popular sports in cold season, and those who love this exciting activity are looking forward to visit the best snowboarding trails in Ukraine.

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Bukovel is the most famous and the best-equipped ski resort in Ukrainian Carpathians, located not far from Ivano-Frankivsk city, offering snowboarding trails for sportsmen of any level. The advantages of Bukovel include guaranteed snow covering during the whole season and developed infrastructure: service centers and equipment rental offices, snowboarding school, cafes and restaurants, hotels, spa centers and clubs. The trails in Bukovel are laid on specially prepared slopes with grass base and are equipped with snow canons. They are protected from sunbeams, so snow does not melt for a long time. The artificial lighting on slopes allows riding your board in evenings. Bukovel resort offers 16 lifts with total length of almost 15 km and numerous trails that extend for more than 50 km.
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Vodyanyky ski resort is situated near Zvenygorodka village in Cherkassy oblast only around 200 km from Kyiv. The resort offers three trails that differ in length and level of complexity. The difference in elevation here is around 100 m. Vodyanyky is fitted with the most modern equipment and powerful snow canons that automatically turn on when temperature reaches -5 C. This resort is a perfect place to spend an active weekend, especially for those who love extreme snowboarding, because Vodyanyky offer half pipe, trail for snowtubing and fun park. Web cameras are installed everywhere in the resort, so you can watch what`s going on there by Internet.
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Plai ski resort is hidden in the very center of Carpathian Mountains in Skole region of Lviv oblast. This location is a perfect choice for all snowboarding enthusiasts. Services of Plai include equipment rental and sports school for beginners. The complex provides 6 trails, the longest of which is 1200 m in length. Elevation difference in this place is 260 m. Plai offers two four-chair lifts and T-bar lift on beginners` trail. There is also a small trail and playing area for kids. The infrastructure of Plai resort has everything for your comfort: café, restaurant, spa center, sauna, swimming pool, gym, hotels, first-aid post and parking.
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To visit Krasiya ski resort, you will need to reach Vyshka village in Zakarpattia region. The resort is located within Eastern Beskydy mountain chain. Mountains here are round-shaped and have flat slopes, which is comfortable both for beginners as well as for experienced snowboarders. The resort is fitted with lifts and snow canons that keep appropriate level of snow from winter till spring. Here you will enjoy reasonable prices and non-crowded trails. Elevation difference in Krasiya resort is 600 m. The longest trail is 3.5 km long. Accommodation options in Krasiya include resort hotels as well as private apartments offered by locals.
Extreme Style
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In Kharkiv suburbs (4, Alpiyska street), you can find ski resort that is often called “Extreme Style”. This location, that is often called “Kharkiv Switzerland”, is a modern ski resort with well-kept trails up to 400 m long and two T-bar lifts. Resort territory offers a snowboard park with railing, box and hump ramp, where sportsmen can do different tricks. Slopes with varying steepness are comfortable for both beginners and professionals. Here you can attend snowboarding and skiing school with instructors. The instructors have experience of working with kids, so “Extreme Style” is a good place for your child to start doing winter sports.
Protasiv Yar in Kyiv
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Protasiv Yar in Kyiv (23, Protasiv Yar street) is the first and the only official snowboard park in Kyiv, opened in 2009. Here you can snowboard, rent equipment, sharpen your skills in snowboarding school and warm yourself up with a cup of hot tea. The park offers two trails and night rides on Saturdays.
Don`t miss your chance to enjoy crazy rides on the best Ukrainian snowboarding trails.
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