"Vsi.Svoi” Cheese Market

Different types of cheese

September 8-9, "Vsi.Svoi“ project will hold cheese market at Desyatynna, 12 in Kyiv. The location will bring together the best craft gastronobrands and the cheeses will occupy one of two floors.

"Our first gastromarket in the new autumn season is devoted to cheese. Here you can buy well-known Ukrainian cheeses, and get acquainted with new producers, to choose delicious meat, sauces, sweets and wine along with other alcoholic beverages", - Anna Lukovkina says, the author and the manager of “Vsi.Svoi” project.
Getting around the whole floor of cheese and finding "your" producer is not an easy task. Therefore, the organizers advise to visit the stands of such brands:
• LIYKA live workshop. The brand produces cheese bouquets.
• Vegan City. The brand will offer to try vegan cheese in nori by Sergey Boyko –the ambassador of Happy Cow in Ukraine and brand-chef of corporate cuisine of Smartline Group company. Pickled in spices and soy sauce tofu cheese is wrapped in nori and fried in olive oil.
• Matsoni cheese factory and café. The manufacturer will offer cheeses on Georgian recipes by Georgian chief Dato Marjani.
• Le Cake. The brand makes "chocolate truffle" sweets with cheese fillings: gorgonzola, parmesan, dorblu.
There will be producers who will bring cheeses from different parts of Ukraine: Lisova Farm, Dobra Farma, Tatusevi Kizonki, Cheesemania, Safronova Private Cigar, Smacky Streams, Shkvarka, Cheeseman, Virtuoso by Lukachivka, FH Zaryannivs'ke, "Babyni kozi", "Amalfea Nurtured Zeus".
A party on the balcony
The delicious day will end up at “Vsi.Svoi” terrace. On Saturday, September 8, there will be a traditional party with incendiary music, delicious food and drinks.
When: September 8-9
Where: 12, Desyatynna, Kyiv
The market is open from 10:00 to 21:00.
Admission is free.Say “Cheese” and enjoy the weekend!
Photo provided by "Vsi.Svoi” PR service.


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