Wine Shops in Lviv

Wine Shops in Lviv

Lviv, the magical city that calls for staying at least for the weekend, is famous not only for its coffee, or incredible architecture. The Western cuisine is something to discover, and each time, you will find yourself enjoying something new. Some dishes really go best with wine - but where is it best to buy it? We picked top wine shops in Lviv for guidance.

Букет Вина / Wine bouquet

In the very center of Lviv, there is a small, cozy and quite welcoming bar-shop. It’s "Wine bouquet". Rightfully one of the best wine shops in Lviv, it is carefully designed in every way to enhance customer’s experience. Interior of the store is done in the style of Odessa and Crimea coastal houses, which promises much sun and light. For those who prefer fresh air, there is an outer yard, available in summer. Here, friendly staff will offer you an exquisite wine menu, consisting of the best samples of young wines from Odessa, Crimean wines and wines of Georgia. You can find wines from Italy, Armenia, Germany, Mexico, France, Chile, and Moldova as well. If you decide to stay for dinner and taste the wine of your choice before buying, «Wine Bouquet» offers dishes of European cuisine.
Address: 15, Staroievreiska street; 19, Valova street

Країна Вин / Country of Wines

«Country of Wines» is a well-known Ukrainian chain of stores, selling alcoholic beverages and delicacies from around the world. It was founded in 2013 by UkrMorport, one of the largest importers and distributors of alcoholic beverages, with twenty years of experience in the Ukrainian market. The stores have over 1,000 positions of alcoholic beverages, which provides wide variety of choice even for the most exquisite connoisseur. The store values quality of the product. “Country of Wines” opts for the independent import, and monitors the quality of their partners' products. Here you will find anything from the classical red and white, as well as rosé, sparkling wines to spirits, like cognacs, whiskey, vodka, brandy, and liqueurs. Don’t forget to peak at the delicacies section: the best choice of cheese, meat, pasta and confectionery to accompany the wine of your preference awaits for you here.
Address: 78, Heroiv UPA street


many bottles of wine
A new store format in Lviv, ENOTECA was created by a team of professionals who devoted themselves to working with wines and other alcoholic beverages to help customers discover the world of wines with maximum comfort. It is a rather small, atmospheric salon that skillfully combines timeless design with elements of classics, modern tendencies, and light music not to irritate the visitors. A professional sommelier of the store and his team is always there to help you — he will happily pick a good drink for you, revealing all its secrets, and details of use. The store presents alcoholic beverages of the best wine regions in the world, which are selected by the simple, yet effective principle: "best of the best for the best». At ENOTECA, all products are stored and delivered in accordance with the international rules and European norms, easily making it one of the best wine shops in Lviv.
Address: 1, Kyryla i Mefodiia street


Founded in 2010 by a group of business partners with more than 20 years of joint experience, WINETIME’s main mission is to improve quality of life in Ukraine by carefully selecting wines to be sold, establishing competitive price and providing high quality service. They take their objective quite seriously - for instance, hold regular degustations of their products, and organize lectures on the best types of wine, their history and usage. For the cases of the worst weather, there’s a possibility to shop online on the English version of WINETIME’s web-site.
Address: 45, Chornovola prospekt

Вина України / Wines of Ukraine

bottles in wooden box
The shop invites every connoisseur to have a taste of the best Ukrainian wines, carefully selected by the local professionals with years of experience. The shop’s sommeliers will help you find the best choice for your needs, be it a present or something sweet for yourself. Apart from the wines, the shop also offers various sorts of sparkling wine, balsams, quite beloved in the West of Ukraine, and visits to the regular degustations at the shops to find the taste you have been searching for. One of the best wine shops in Lviv, it ensures quality of the products, so you don’t have to worry, whether you buy for yourself or as a gift. Drop by to discover the secrets of winery in Ukraine.
Address: 9, Brativ Rohatyntsiv street
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