10 Best Ukrainian Wines According to 2018 UWINES Awards

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This year, UWINES held a customary contest among the Ukrainian wine makers. More than 20 wineries presented white, red and rosé dry wines to the professional jury. We made the top 10 list of the winners to pop with various dishes.

Sparkling white Grande Vallée 2016

sparkling wineGrande Vallée winery is located near Odesa and is one of the biggest manufacturers of the limited series wines in Ukraine. The winery is equipped with the cutting-edge equipment from France, Italy and Germany. This wine scored first among sparkling wines produced with the Charmat method.

It boasts a fresh, juicy aroma with the notes of apricot, peach and pineapple. The wine is quite balanced and has a long, pleasant aftertaste. It is served best with seafood, especially oysters, pasta, soft cheese and berries.

Chardonnay Guliev Wine 2016

 Chardonnay wine with oystersThe story of Guliev Wine started a while ago, when the member of the Guliev dynasty, Ruben, founded wine yards beyond the borders of Georgia. Centuries later, Robert Guliev founded the wine brand thanks to his extensive experience with Shustoff cognac.

Chardonnay by Guliev has a delicate aroma with a hint of pineapple, bread crust, and delicate citrus. It combines exceptional freshness, fruity taste and a sweet aroma. The lightness and long aftertaste make it the best match for oysters, lobsters and other seafood.

Sauvignon blanc by Bohdan Pavlii

Sauvignon blancBohdan Pavlii is by far one of the most famous wine producers in the Lviv region. According to Bohdan, white grape sorts grow the best on the soils of Khmelnytsk region, that's why most of his wines are made with these particular sorts. Sauvignon blanc is most famously known for fresh aroma of freshly cut grass and gooseberry.

This wine can be well combined with spicy and savory dishes, poultry, and smoked fish. As for the cheeses and gourmet food, Sauvignon would be a good match to pâtés, Roquefort, and foie gras.

Riesling Château Chizay

Riesling wine yardChizay wine producing is located in the Zakarpattia and is one of the most popular Carpathian wines in Ukraine. The winery produces white, red and rosé in limited and original collections. Riesling has a rich aroma and flavor bouquet pointed out by many connoisseurs. The intense aroma of fruits and wildflowers is paired with light notes of spices and citrus. The wine has a refreshing taste and a long, delicate aftertaste. It is best served with fruit, sweet mousses, and chocolate.

Muskotály Château Chizay 2017

Muskotály wine with grapes and cheeseThis wine produced by Château Chizay is quite unique. Muskotály has a special kosher certificate that states this wine is allowed even on the Passover. Besides, it is corked according to the mevushal standards. The wine boasts a rich fruity aroma with a light presence of spices. The sweet and balanced drink has a long aftertaste of muscat grapes. Muskotály is perfect to pair with seafood served with light sauces, cheeses, as well as fruits and desserts like ice cream.

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Chardonnay Reserve Guliev Wine

Chardonnay with fishThis wine created by Guliev scored the first place among the three wines that competed in the Chardonnay variety of white aged wines. Its aroma is quite delicate and has pineapple, bread crust, and delicate citrus tones. The round wine is quite rich, providing freshness and a long aftertaste. As for the best food pairings, it is recommended to be served with oysters, lobsters, and other seafood.

Merlot Reserve Cotnar 2014

Merlot with dinnerOne more strong player of the Carpathians, Cotnar started as a manufacturer of dessert wines. Nowadays, it produces much more including Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling and other high-quality varietal wines.

Merlot is famous for the rich color as well as the none less intense aroma with light prune tones. The wine has a slightly tart berry flavor with cherry and currant notes. As for the aftertaste, it is quite long and fresh. Merlot is traditionally served with fried meat, mushrooms, and fish.

Cabernet Sauvignon Koblevo Reserve Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon with pizzaKoblevo is by far one of the most well-known Ukrainian wine brands. The winery also has quite a massive production, releasing more than 45 million bottles a year. Cabernet Sauvignon belongs to the Reserve Wine collection made by the duo of Ukrainian and Italian winemakers.

Cabernet is quite juicy and well-balanced, combining ripe tannins and spicy notes. The aroma is mostly focused on a bouquet of berries. As for the best food pairings, Cabernet Sauvignon tastes best with meat starting from beef steaks and kebabs to lamb and spicy meat dishes. Besides, it also goes well with mushroom pizza.

Merlot Koblevo Reserve Wine

Merlot with meatOne more wine on the list produced by Koblevo, Merlot Reserve came out a winner among the 8 wines in the red unreserved wines. This wine boasts a soft texture and moderate tartness, creating an intense flavor. Merlot's aroma is none less intense, dominated by red berries and poppy. Just like Cabernet Sauvignon, it will be perfect with meat dishes served with various sauces, like fruit or berry.

Cabernet Reserve Guliev Wine 2016

Cabernet ReserveAs one can tell from the list, Guliev Wines are certainly leading in the 2018 Ukrainian wines rating. Cabernet Reserve has rich flavors and aroma: the first bouquet reveals nightshade, while the aftertaste opens up the wild cherry and forest violet tones. The wine is recommended to be served with meat dishes, especially roasted meat, as well as to pair cheeses of any kind.

Source: uwines.com.ua, websites of businesses mentioned above. The wines are listed in the random order.
Photo sources: unsplash.com, shutterstock.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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