Popular Hookah Bars in Kyiv

Popular Hookah Bars in Kyiv

Hookah is one of the Middle East’s best gifts to the world. It was invented so that people could share shisha (flavored tobacco). This tradition is more than centuries old and its popularity has recently taken Kyiv by storm of numerous hookah bars popping up all around the city.

Hookah lounges and shisha bars are the spots where many people can enjoy their drinks while sharing a pleasantly flavored shisha. The appeal of a hookah lounge comes from its Arabic and Islamic décor. Here are some of the best and trendy Kyiv hookah bars:

Par Bar

Loft bar with hookahPar Bar is a spacious loft with brick walls located in downtown Kyiv. Here you can choose not only different kinds of flavored tobacco but also the hookah itself - artisan clay, silicon, made in unusual shapes etc. Among most popular tobaccos are Al Fakher, Mazaya, Afzal, Fumari, Social Smoke and Tangiers. Shisha masters are creating unique tobacco mixes according to clients’ wishes. Guests can also choose from alcohol and non-alcohol fillers: fruit, mojito, various syrups, brandy, different liquors, absent. The place offers a list of delicious food as well from fresh salads and pizza to appetizers and desserts. Drinks menu includes a vast list of well-mixed drinks, interesting tea blends and a broad wine list.
Address: 10, Shota Rustaveli Street


Man in mist from hookahZmist can be considered a temple of hookah culture in Kyiv. Inside the guests will find soft plush couches and chairs, soft light and genuinely warm atmosphere. Zmist is a place not only to smoke some hookah but also to explore the culture of this Middle Eastern tradition, its origins and peculiarities. This Kyiv lounge offers high quality tobaccos from US, Turkey, UAE, India and Egypt. Experienced hookah masters can create over 100 flavor variations to be enjoyed by guests of the place. Zmist has some unique hookah variations, which have become popular all over the city. For instance, only here guests can order citrus tobacco on hot spiced beer with citrus tobacco hookah, hookahs on cucumber fresh juice, on ice cream, on coconut milk and on Carpathian herbal tea.
Address: 20A, Pushkinska Street


Underground Smoky barThis hip and stylish hookah bar in Kyiv downtown offers a great selection of tobaccos: serbetli, al fakher, fumari, starbuzz, tangiers, afsal, darkside and many others. This place is among those few who have Ukrainian tobacco brand Yummie Cloud on stock, which boasts a soft rich flavor and deserves a separate mention. Signature hookah flavors of the place include lime pie, mint and limoncello. Guests often point out fillers like coffee espresso, absent, cognac, milk and Cream liquor.
Address: 12, Mezhyhirska Street

Gustou Hookah

Classical hookah in mistThis bar is located within a two-minute walk from Ocean Plaza shopping center. Gustou embraces a hall for 60 seats, a VIP area for 6-8 persons. Special mention goes to an open-air terrace, floored with a thick carpet of green grass - here 60 guests can chill in shade on numerous sofas. Hookahs here are very different from strong and sweet to sugary, fruit and sour. There is a tip to try the special hookah on Dom Perignon champagne.
Address: 157, Antonovycha Street
Photo source: Facebook Pages of businesses mentioned above, shutterstock.com. All photos belong to their rightful owners. 

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