Best Street Food in Kyiv

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Pack some napkins – "Destinations" guides you to the best street food in Kyiv. We deliver and share everything you need to know about the Ukraine’s capital top on-the-go eats. If you're a real foodie but don't have the disposable income for Kyiv’s best restaurants, street food is your savior.

Kyiv city center and various food festivals are now bursting with stalls serving up cheap eats of an exceptional standard in dinky disposable containers. «Destinations» brings you the best street food stalls and hole-in-the-walls in Kyiv.

Bistro Bistro

clients at street food spot
Gourmet hot dogs by Ian Monastyrskyy are simply famous in Kyiv. Apart from two permanent spots, Bistro Bistro hot dog stands are also swarming with foodies on numerous street food festivals in Kyiv. Buns for the Bistro Bistro dogs are baked at the  «Koritsa» («Cinnamon») bakery, sources are locally made. All the other ingredients are supplied by best local farms; there are imported and locally made cheeses as well.

tasty burgers
The selection of hot dogs is smartly rounded up to satisfy all the tastes and needs. Among Bistro Bistro signature dogs are «Laccio» hot dog with carbonara sauce, «Bavarian» hot dog with Bavarian sausage and mustard and «Giovanni" hot dog with dor blue and gorgonzola cheeses.
Address: 27/31, Ivana Franka street and 36, Velyka Vasylkivska street.


warm soups in edible glasses
Autumn and fall is a nighttime for hot soups. Soupculture street food stand in Kyiv offers deliciously aromatic soups to keep you warm and healthy on chilly days. It looks like Soupculture food stand is passionate about what they do and believe in a street food scene that isn´t limited to junk food. This street food spot varies the menu according to season, availabilty and … chef’s mood. You can order your soup in a standard paper bowl, or Soupculture signature bread bowl. Bread bowls are baked from whole grain flour and organic-only ingredients. The soup menu includes vegan hot soup, pumpkin spicy soup and mushroom and cheese soups.
Address: 40/2 Volodymyrska street and 5/9 Fedorova street

Vegano Hooligano

vegan burger
Vegano Hooligano is the good choice for those who keep to vegetarian and vegan diet as well as for those who just wish to try something new. All dishes in Vegano Hooligano are prepared without meat, fish, eggs and milk. Here guests can order tofu grill sandwich, sandwich with falafel, roll with tofu, tabouli salad, green burger, new potatoes, house special biscuit and ice cream. One can also pick  ingredients for a salad depending on personal taste. Drinks menu of Vegano Hooligano includes fresh juices, organic espresso, cappuccino and Americano, cocoa, carob drink, different smoothies and detox drinks made of fruits and vegetables.
Address: 2, Bessarabska square, inside Bessarabsky market

Titka Klara's Patties

patties and female hand holding cup of coffee
The name of the spot speaks for itself: this place specializes on patties. Here guests can try freshly baked patties with different delicious fillings. We highly recommend to pick the most popular options – chicken and mushrooms, spinach and cheese and veal fillings. Besides, Titka Klara also has sausage rolls, sweet pies, cakes and croissants. Some kinds of pies here are made from yeast-free dough. Apart from traditional beverages — coffee, tea, compotes and lemonades —visitors are welcome to order hot chicken soup or one of the five salads. Everything placed on showcase can be served to-go, including salads. Besides, you can buy yesterday's bakery with a 50% discount.
Address: 33, Nyzhnii Val street


boxes with noodles and rice
At Furgoneta spot you can try fresh burgers, which are made right in front of you. The burgers in Furgoneta are cooked with homemade sauces prepared in accordance with special recipes. No ketchup and mayonnaise – only exclusive tastes. Guests are offered burgers with lamb, chicken and other. Here you can also order delicious rice and noodles with chicken and vegetables.
Address: 51/9, Antonovycha street; 13, Baseyna street
Street food: a simple concept, almost as old as streets themselves, which is now taking off in Kyiv despite a slow start. Prepared and/or sold on the city's pavements (to the extent permitted by the law), and designed to be easily eaten on the fly. «Destinations» rounded up top 5 Kyiv street foods worth trying.
Photo:, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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