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While Ukraine may not have quite the same international reputation for ice cream as Italy, France or other European countries, Kyiv city boasts a wide array of ice cream parlors and restaurants offering intriguing ice cream desserts. For ice cream enthusiasts, Kyiv’s well established ice cream scene has plenty to offer. Here we explore the best places to grab a cone in this beautiful city.

Umka Cafe

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Umka is the name of the polar bear cub from a beloved here in Ukraine cartoon and it makes a perfect name for an ice-cream parlor. The whole space is designed to make the guests of all ages feel cozy and comfortable. Umka Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants for kids in Kyiv. It’s tiny and draws a cool crowd around the clock, but standing in line next to the freezer-cabinets of ice-cream and cakes is no great hardship. The selection of flavors is impressive. 
Address: 6, Kostolna Street, Kyiv.
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broke scoop of ice cream with jam filling on plate
Come into this cozy patisserie and enjoy exquisite pastries, cakes, desserts and phenomenal ice cream. The friendly English speaking staff  are always willing to offer advice and guide you to the right choice.It’s a real paradise for dessert fans. The ice cream is produced from natural ingredients only. The menu offers vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, caramel, mango, strawberry flavors. There are also various sorbets on the offer: strawberry, raspberry, mixed berries, lemon and exotic fruits flavors. 
Honey’s signature desserts are very popular among visitors. These are sea buckthorn sorbet with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sponge cake and Swiss merengue and raspberry sorbet with calamondin ice cream as well as pistachio sponge cake. 
Address: 19/21 Nizhny Val St, Kyiv
20, Yaroslaviv Val, Kyiv. 

Vero Vero

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Kyiv’s popular Italian restaurant Vero Vero invites to enjoy 29 ice cream flavors. Among most intriguing and interesting flavors are the following ones: house-made parmesano, lilac, Italian dessert wine Pasito di Panteleria with salty lemon gelato; mixed berries ice rolls; white mushrooms ice cream; lilac ice cream; Boulevardier flavored ice cream with smoked pear.
Address:  18, Illinska street, Kyiv.


ice cream on stick and sweet dessert on plate
Bigoli restaurant offers a very impressive selection of ice cream flavors, among which you can find pistachio/cheesecake/cannoli; raspberry and strawberry milfey; vanilla ice cream in dark chocolate with coconut and mango; chocolate ice cream in dark chocolate with volcano salt and caramel popcorn; vanilla ice cream in dark chocolate with mixed berries.
Address: 7A, Klovskyy Descent, Kyiv.

Vino e Cucina

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This Italian restaurant is not similar to any of the existing ones in Kyiv. The large two-story building hosts three independent and at the same time interconnected rooms that have their atmosphere: enoteca, cozy home-style pizzeria and a refined Italian a restaurant.
Authentic Italian gelato in Vino e Cucina is also very special. Guests can enjoy delicious ricotta and fresh berries ice cream, ice cream sandwiches with salty caramel and truffles, intriguing sheep milk  or spice pepper ice cream.
Address: 82 SichovyhStriltsiv street, Kyiv.


pisctachio ice cream in two cups, spoon and mint leaves
Décor and cooking CHI restaurant in Kyiv is not just one of a kind but utterly wonderful. It has its own point of view not only in terms of standard Chinese and Indian cuisine dishes but on western food traditions as well. This summer CHI offers ice cream sets which include 5 different freshly made sorbets: cherry-chocolate with chili pepper; coconut-raspberry; green matcha; lemon-banana-mango; lavender ice cream with white and dark chocolate with fresh strawberry.
Address: 16A, Parkova Doroga, Kyiv.
We've put together a list of top-notch ice-cream parlours serving unforgettable frozen cones, scoops, ice lollies and ice-cream sandwiches. These are Destinations’ picks on capital's best places for ice creams, sorbets, gelato and soft-serve. 
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Photo source: Social media pages of businesses mentioned in this article, All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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