New Restaurants in Kyiv: August 2018

Table set with avocado and eggs

It seems that this year’s trend of seafood continues well into the end of summer — numerous seafood spots with Italian, Japanese and Ukrainian cuisine choose the freshest products to lure in customers. Those who aren’t up for fish can catch some waves in the new surfer café or pair juicy ribs with Ukrainian craft beer.

Avocado Café

Avocado burgerA recent opening has caused a boom in social networks due to an unusual picture of the avo-burger — with an avocado cut in half instead of buns. The restaurant chefs have gone creative and added various flavors like salmon or tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

As the name suggests, avocado is the main ingredient in all items on the menu that stretch from simple appetizers like bruschetta and toasts to soups and salads. The café proves that healthy doesn’t mean bland by adding selected ingredients that accentuate the avocado flavor. There is a 25% discount for lunch and 15% for the whole menu in the evening. Besides, breakfasts are available here 24/7.

Address: 27/6, Instytutska Street

Fujiwara Yoshi

Chef and sushiFujiwara Yoshi is rightfully one of the best restaurants of Japanese cuisine not only in Kyiv but in Ukraine. All restaurants from the native Japanese chef follow the same principle — fresh-only products and perfect quality. Like in any traditional Japanese restaurant, the team cooks according to the main chef's technologies and extensive knowledge, passed from one generation to another.

The menu has the world-wide classics like sushi, sashimi and rolls, salads and hot dishes. There's a separate section for tempura (battered and deep fried shrimps and vegetables) and pan-fried Japanese dumplings gyoza, as well as Tsukemono – Japenese pickles like plum, daikon radish and cucumbers. To accompany the dishes, Yoshi Fujiwara offers 150 types of wine as well as sake imported from Japan.

Address: 11, Drahomyrova Street

Chornomorka on Lukianivka

Seafood and lemonFollowing the recent opening on Podil, Chornomorka network now has one more spot in the downtown Kyiv. The assortment on the showcases of Chornomorka is updated 3 times per day, so customers are guaranteed to get only the freshest products. The shop specializes on local catch: eels are delivered from Shatsky lakes, pikes and trout – from Zakarpattia, turbot and guitarfish – from Odesa oblast. As for oysters, they are delivered both from Ukraine and abroad: from France, the Netherlands and Ireland.

The menu of Chornomorka restaurant includes numerous delicacies such as Danube herring with potatoes, Odesa vorschmack, fish soup, bruschetta with salmon and Philadelphia cheese, salmon tartar, herring caviar, the Black Sea mussels, salmon salad, salmon carpaccio, sprats, oysters and many other. The wine list is selected to match the items on the menu.

Address: 83A, Melnykova Street

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Il Riccio

Italian food and wineThose who enjoy chilling with a glass of prosecco in a cozy inner yard might be interested in the new Italian restaurant on Podil. The menu is focused on seafood — nine aquariums and a seafood showcase filled with fresh fish will help the visitors to find a perfect pick for dinner. Apart from seafood, one can also enjoy traditional pasta with flavors like baked pepper or cheese, mushrooms risotto, and delicious lasagna with pineapple and coconut ice cream.

The wine list offers wines from Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina and other countries. The cocktails are divided into specials from different regions in Italy. The restaurant is kid- and even teen-friendly — there’s a room with Playstation and beanbags for teens and a playroom with a nanny for the little ones.

Address: 8, Kontraktova Ploshcha

City Swell Surf Point

Girl enjoying a partyEven if Kyiv seems to be the least plausible spot for lovers of surfing, the new City Swell café located in the Muromets Park might be a gathering location for those who enjoy the waves. After all, the café works on the territory of the popular Kyiv wakeboarding school.

The menu includes bowls with seafood and meat, as well as fruits, Indonesian bbq Satay with beef, chicken or shrimps and numerous soups. Wine and traditional cocktails are available here as well. On Wednesdays, City Swell organizes open-air movie showings and Fridays mark dancing parties that last until the first rays of sunshine.

Address: Muromets Park

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Croissants and a girlThe name of the new open-air café near the Olympiiska metro station means “yard” and 76 stands for the street number it’s located at. So, it’s not hard to guess that the summer spot found its home in a cozy inner yard away from the city noise.

The menu here is quite short but owners plan to add and change items each month: you will find seasonal salads, smoothies, several flavors of lemonade and coffee. Dvor76 is going to be a new place in Kyiv to regularly host parties, open-air movie showings and workshops.

Address: 76B, Velyka Vasylkivska Street


Ribs with a sauceOne more fine dining spot has recently opened on Velyka Vasylkivska Street — this time, however, closer to the Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho metro station. The place focuses on the classic duo of ribs and beer — in their case, craft Ukrainian beer and special recipes of ribs.

Thus, you can pair craft beer from Chumakov, Kumpel and Persha Dniprovska breweries and hot smoked beef and veal ribs. Apart from ribs, ReberBar offers various salads and appetizers like juicy shrimps with squid and warm veal salad with grilled vegetables and oyster sauce.

Address: 13/1, Velyka Vasylkivska Street

Photo sources: Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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