7 Best Coffee Shops in Lviv

Cup of coffee with milk and coffee beans

Lviv and coffee is a perfect couple. The Western heart of Ukraine is famous for its old traditions of preparing this delicious fragrant drink, and those who visit Lviv know that having a cup of good coffee is a must-do thing here. So where to drink the best coffee in Lviv? Let`s find out.


Coffee in LvivVirmenka is an emblematic coffee shop of Lviv city founded as far back as 1979. Some years ago, this place was a traditional meeting point of Lviv Bohemia; nowadays, it is a very popular coffee place for both tourists and locals. From the first sight, you will barely notice anything special: the café has ordinary entrance and simple inner interior. But when you try coffee here, you will instantly feel the special charm of Virmenka.

This café is famous for its traditional Turkish coffee cooked according to all rules: using sand, with spices and herbs. Besides, you can have a classic coffee – Americano, cappuccino and so on. Great coffee, desserts and the atmosphere of the old Lviv – this coffee spot is definitely worth visiting.

Address: 19, Virmenska street

Black Honey

Black honey cafe in LvivWhile looking for the best coffee in Lviv, don`t skip Black Honey – a small coffee shop in the city center not far from Ivana Franka University. This is a good place for work, meeting friends and taking bright pictures for your social media. Black Honey pleases the eye with its minimalistic design, panoramic window and stylish white furniture. Coffee for Black Honey is roasted in Kyiv and then delivered to Lviv.

Apart from classic drinks like Americano or cappuccino, here you can try coffee made using modern alternative methods: Chemex, pourover, aeropress, Kalita. If you want to experience something special, try cascara – dried coffee berry brewed as tea. The coffee shop regularly offers interesting seasonal drinks. In case you want to have a bite, you may order marshmallow or tasty Lviv syrnik. All drinks and dishes here can be served to-go.

Address: 2, Kostushka street

Palyarnya Chekhovych

Palyarnya cafe in LvivThe name of this cafe, which is considered as one of the best coffee spots in Lviv, speaks for itself. “Palyarnya” is the old Ukrainian name of a place where coffee is roasted. Obviously, the main focus in Chekhovych is made on freshly roasted coffee. The coffee shop design keeps to loft style: high ceiling, wooden furniture, sophisticated coffee-making equipment and smooth lights from numerous lamps.

Here you can order classic drinks on the base of espresso or coffee made by alternative methods: Chemex, aeropress or pourover. Besides, guests are offered Nitro Cold Brew – cold sparkling coffee that is unique for Lviv. Light roast technique used in this shop allows delivering true flavor of coffee beans. As for snacks, here you can order meat dishes, salads, pancakes and various desserts. By the way, in Chekhovych guests are welcome to buy freshly roasted coffee and coffee-making equipment for their homes.

Address: 72, Geroyiv UPA street

Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy

Lviv Coffee Mine Talking about the best coffee places in Lviv, we should surely mention Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy, literally translated as “Lviv Coffee Mine”. This coffee shop, founded in 2011, has its own legend. The legend says that Lviv coffee is a useful mineral mined from underground similarly to coal. The owners of Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy claim that their café is located right above coffee mine on the famous Rynok square.

Guests of this coffee spot can choose from more than 30 types of fresh coffee. Those who love extreme activities can go down to “coffee mine” and try coffee from Brazil, Italy and other countries along with signature coffee drinks. Besides, Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy has its own shop where you can buy books in Ukrainian language and souvenirs.

Address: 10, Rynok square

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Na Bambetli

Bambetli cafe in LvivNa Bambetli is a cozy coffee spot with charming ambience. The café, located in a beautiful historical building, impresses with its unusual interior that has many unique décor elements reminding of the old coffee shops in Europe.

Guests of this coffee place love to sit on the specially designed windowsills. Smooth lights and soft music help to dive into the atmosphere of relax. In the menu, you will find delicious coffee made on sand, many types of tea, traditional Lviv syrnik, desserts with crème and fruits, fresh bakery and many other.

Address: 29, Rynok square


Medelin cafe in LvivMedelin coffee shop is located in the historical center of Lviv just few minutes away from Rynok square. The café has two floors: the upper one offers coffee place, while the underground one is a beer pub. Medelin is notable for its untypical design. It attracts attention by the old colorful bus by its entrance. When you step inside, you will see two cozy halls with small tables, unusual chairs, soft pillows, thematic paintings and bookshelves on the walls.

Here you can try unique coffee cocktails, tasty tea, homemade bakery and desserts. The guests of Medelin can enjoy not only appetizing desserts and coffee, but also playing board games, reading books and watching movies. As for the underground peer pub of Medelin, it has completely different atmosphere. Here in a loft style hall you will find big screen for watching sports games, 20 kinds of beer and many snacks.

Address: 1, Koliyivshiny square

Golden Ducat

Golden Ducat in LvivThe small coffee shop called Golden Ducat hides in an old building of the XIV century in the very heart of Lviv. You will easily recognize it by the steel lion at the entrance. Golden Ducat has been working for more than 10 years already, delighting its guests with exceptionally tasty coffee and unusual design with mysterious flavor. In the menu, you will find more than 40 types of coffee drinks.

The café is famous for its freshly roasted coffee and tasty Lviv chocolate. Golden Ducat offers unique sorts of coffee, for example, kopi luwak. By the way, here you can get to see the process of coffee roasting firsthand. As for food, the guests are offered sweet strudel and many other worthy desserts.

Address: 20, Fedorova street

Top coffee shops of Lviv are the right places to get a cup of tasty drink, good mood and inspiration. Welcome!

Photo sources: shutterstock.com, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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