Have a Cup of Coffee in Lviv: Experts' Tips

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Lviv has been busy wholeheartedly promoting the coffee culture, holding themed festivaLs and gourmet tours. There is a myriad of places offering a true Lviv brew. Destinations has boiled down Lviv experts' recommendations to top Locations.

Over the last five years, coffee houses of various formats have filled nearly every nook and cranny of the city center, offering coffee connoisseurs the most diverse options of their favorite java. Soon they were followed by numerous coffee shops selling beans from all over the world as well as professional brewing accessories.

Pid Klepsydroyu

Pid Klepsydroyu cafe in LvivCoffee experts say the city is on the peak of the third wave of Ukrainian coffee culture. In fact, Lviv had many coffee houses serving delicious cups long before the concept of coffee culture was formed in Ukraine. Some of these places became an indelible part of the city's modern image.

One of these iconic joints is Pid Klepsydroyu ("Under the Clepsydra", www.dzyga.com) in the Dzyga Art Gallery. It is one of Lviv's oldest coffee houses, a favorite with the city's bohemians. Expect your steaming cup of goodness to be accompanied by a treat: a cookie or a chocolate. Pid Klepsydroyu is always packed and lively, often hosting concerts and art events. Ukraine's famous artists exhibit their works in Dzyga.

Address: 35, Virmenska Street

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Svit Kavy

Svit Kavy cafe in LvivSvit Kavy ("The world of coffee", www.svitkavy.com) in Katedralna square is another coffee landmark of the city. Located in a cozy nook of the old square in the very heart of Lviv, the coffee house has been offering a range of coffee varieties and sweets (Svit Kavy's cheesecake is legend wait for it dary, a definite must try). It is an iconic Lviv coffee house.

Address: 6, Katedralna Square

Manufaktura Kavy

Manufactura Kavy cafe in lvivThe Manufakruta Kavy chain (www.lviv-coffee-manufacture. virtual.ua) in Lviv is an example of the coffee mass market. Its joints are more than omnipresent throughout the city center. But there is one that stands out, Manufaktura Kavy on Soborna square. Drop in during the day, pick a table by the window and order a cup of delicious coffee – it is a perfect place to take a break from the city rush. apart from coffee, Manufaktura offers healthy breakfasts and freshly baked pastries.

Address: 10, Rynok Square22, Svobody Avenue; 2A, Soborna Square

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Celebrating the European tradition of café culture and as the only café fronting Lviv’s vibrant residential area of western part of the city, by day Shoco offers the finest pastries and patisseries, chocolates and pralines, breakfasts, light lunches, afternoon tea and wide variety of coffee specialities and hot drinks.

Here at Shoco, you can enjoy intricate confections prepared by skilled pastry chefs. Shock’s pretty desert demand closer inspection: mouthwatering eclairs, freshly baked croissants, whimsical desserts with seasonal fruit feelings are just some of Shoco’s chefs’ vast repertoire. Shoco Bakery in Lviv entices visitors into its cozy atmosphere with a rotating selection of delectable desserts made in house daily, in addition to heaping milkshakes, specialty coffees and cold beverage creations.

Address: 3, Lesia Kurbasa Street44, Akademika Andriya Sakharova Street


Man pouring capuccinoKava is a little coffee house strategically placed between the center and the Lviv railway station. The place run by true coffee experts offers excellent quality brew (if we are to trust scribbles visitors leave on a dedicated cafe wall). Patrons drop in to pick up coffee and lunches to go and hurry to run their errands. A nice place to take a brief pause and fill up on caffeine.

Address: 10, Yevhena Konovaltsia Street

Author: Iya Stepaniuk
Photos: by distributors, unsplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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